can't please em all

If you’re too thin you’re anorexic
If you’re not thin you’re a slob

Too smart = wimp
Very interested in sports = dumbass

Just interested in hearing more of these ridiculious stereotypes, I think they’re funny.

If you’re from the South = you’re not well educated.

If you’re from the South = you’re a God fearing Christian nut.

If you’re from the South = you’re a racist.

You mean that’s not true?! :eek:

If you don’t put out, you’re an Ice Queen / frigid.
If you put out, you’re a slut.

Time remaining until someone posts a reply that begins “If you post to this thread…” : 5… 4… 3… 2…

If you’re a Catholic, you’re closed-minded and stupid.

Come to think of it, if you’re a conservative, you’re closed-minded and stupid.

Heaven forbid you’re a Catholic conservative.

Yeah, and if you’re from the North you’re a godless, stuck-up bitch who hates all Southerners.

If you are alive you are a dickhead.

So basicaly you can’t please everyone. because for somebody somewhere you are a dickhead.