cant re-install a program

The hard drive on my laptop died.No big deal,I backed up all my files on my external hard drive.Also the laptop is under warranty and had a new hard drive within days.
Here’s my problem: I cant re-install my motorola phone tools software.When I purchased the software downloaded it to the laptop from motorola site,so I dont have a disk.The software was backed up also.However when I try to re-install from backup I get all the program files but I dont know how to ‘execute’-if you will . I open the program file location on the laptop and all I see are program file types and file names. I burned the software to disk in hopes that it would act as an install disk.No luck. I did look at the motorola site.



When you say that “software was backed up also” do you mean that you made a copy of the executable installation file?
Or that you just copied the folder from C:\Windows\Program Files?

Have you tried downloading the software again?

Is there an .exe or a .msi file?

Can you re-download it from Motorola?

As far as I know I copied the whole she-bang.It was a Vista automatic backup Ill look for an .exe or .msi file. As far as re-loading it from motorola Im kinda on a tight budget at the moment and dont feel like paying for it again.

OK I clicked on one of the motorola icons in the program files list and got a prompt to hookup my phone to the seems to have worked.That .exe or .msi file musta been there…only it seems to have to run from that disk I burned.If I remove the disk no go…

so I copied and pasted the files to my C drive then went in and made that motorola icon that I saw in the files list a shortcut and that seemed to have done the trick.its functioning so far…