How do I get a Windows file for re-installing?

I was getting messages every time I booted my computer telling me I should run checkdisk. So I went ahead and ran it. As it was running, there was a message telling me that the checkdisk scan was deleting a file called WSOCK32.dll.

The checkdisk is all completed. But now I have some programs that won’t run anymore. When I try to run them I get a message telling me my WSOCK32.dll file is missing (no kidding) and I should re-install it.

I’ve moved twice since buying this computer and I have no idea where my installation discs are. Probably somewhere in storage. And even if I had them I wouldn’t really want to do a complete re-installation for one file. So is there anyway I can obtain a copy of just this file? And if so, would re-installing just that one file be possible?

There are sites out there that offer windows dll files I forgot what the address is but a quick google search should be able to help you. What version of windows? I have every OS they put out and would be more then happy to send you the .dll file

Hmm can’t seem to edit my post. I currently have that .dll file uploaded to my drop box. It is for Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate with SP1. not sure HOW specific the file is to windows version just be sure you have the right one, I bare no responsibility for the result of you using this, including but not limited to your house burning down and/or your dog dying.

I’m still using XP.

PM me your email and let me load up my Virtual machine.

Just to make sure you get the information you need, is this the same computer that you referenced in this thread?

If so, and if you haven’t made any hardware replacements (especially your hard disk, which from that thread was almost certainly failing at the physical layer) then finding this file won’t fix your long term problem. As long as you’re running on a failing drive you will continue to lose files.

Hard drives are constantly moving and are probably the single most common point of failure in a PC. A ten year old computer has a high likelihood of needing to have its HDD replaced. Well made mother boards, RAM, and other components can theoretically last a long time, but the nature of spinning discs means as a computer user you will have hard drives go bad and you will need to replace the physical drive.

At the moment, I’m just looking for a short term solution to an immediate problem.

You appear to have the PM and email functions turned off in your profile. But you can find my email address in my profile.

and if your hard drive fails completely tomorrow, what “short term solution” will you look for? have you at least backed up your important stuff?

Winsock is in the dllcache, funny it didn’t restore itself automagically.

Sure I have all my personal files backed up. If my hard drive fails completely tomorrow, my situation will obviously have changed and I won’t be looking for a short term solution anymore to what has become a larger problem.

But my problem now is I am missing a file. It seems to me that replacing the file is a more reasonable solution to this problem than buying a new computer.

I got the file and information I needed from the site Sage Rat linked to. Everything’s good. Thanks to everyone.