Can't stop Gmail from forwarding mail from other account

Using WinXP SP2, Firefox and Thunderbird for mail.

I just set up a Gmail account. At one point I was given the option of importing contacts from another server. I wanted to do this, and that part worked, but as part of the deal, they are now forwarding all my email from Thunderbird. I was never given a choice as to whether I wanted to do this.

Now I can’t find any way to stop the stupid forwarding. Some forums suggest to click on “Settings” and navigate from there, but there is NO Settings link anywhere on the screen.

I clicked on “My Account” but could not find anything there to stop forwarding. There is nothing else on the page that helps either.

Short of just killing the account, is there any way to stop this annoying feature? There do not seem to be any Help files on the page either.

Set up a filter to route all the mail to its own folder or trash

Can you be more specific as to what’s happening? Thunderbird can sync with your Gmail account but there’s no way that Gmail set up forwarding on your other mail server.

Hmm, that’s odd. None of my T’Bird mail was being forwarded to gmail when I first set it up. Only when I clicked on (forget the exact wording now) a link that said something to the effect of “import mail and contacts” did it start.

I only clicked on that because I wanted to import my Contacts (address book) from another email account. It did that OK, but then all mail coming to T’bird began forwarding to gmail.

I am now looking at at “Mail Settings/Accounts & Import/Check Mail Using POP3” section where it has a tab saying “delete” but am loath to hit that unless I’m sure that will do the job and won’t screw up anything else.

You’re saying that new incoming mail to your other account also shows up in Gmail? Or just that old mail for that account was imported one time from Thunderbird to Gmail?

All new incoming mail.

Anyway, as I wrote above, I went ahead and clicked “delete” at that point and it fixed the problem completely. No more mail being imported. Big relief.

Thanks for the help.

For future reference–that is the proper procedure. That entire section of the options is a place to set up email accounts you want Gmail to check for you. The Delete option means for Gmail to stop checking the account.