Can't swing a dead cat without hitting a super hero.

If you had asked me how many super heroes reside in the U.S. I likely would have said 0. :dubious:

But apparently there are four of them living within driving distance of just this one trailer park.

It’s amazing how misguided some people can be. Adam Besso. Besso. With that name, he was clearly meant to call himself “Kiss of Death.” Which is a super-villain name. Dude’s in the wrong line of work is all.

Shoot, Phoenix Jones has been patrolling Seattle for several years now, and recently the media reported that a woman who goes by the moniker Purpkle Reign was also working the turf there. cite

I think since the movie Kick-Ass came out, some people are feeling like they can maybe do some good in the same way.

super? Really? Don’t you have to have exhibited some sort of power or uncanny ability to carry that adjective?

ETA: I don’t think a costume qualifies.

Here’s a Wikipedia article on "real life superheroes. There’s a bunch of 'em, and Seattle has a whole movement called the Rain City Superhero Movement, with at least 10 “superhero” members.

Wow, that’s… different. According to Wikipedia the police aren’t too happy about these guys and I can understand why.

Feeding the homeless and things like that are fantastic, and if the superhero personae gets more interest and more volunteers then I’m all for it.

Playing costumed vigilante? That’s a different story. As the story I posted in the OP shows; somebody is going to get hurt. And it won’t necessarily be a bad guy. It could be an innocent person, or it could be one of these “superheroes”.

I do recall reading about Phoenix Jones, now that he’s been mentioned. The story I read described him pepper spraying a bunch of apparently innocent clubbers who were a little too raucus. It culminated with a young woman chasing him down the street while repeatedly hitting him with her purse.

I’m not sure that’s the guy I want coming to my rescue. :stuck_out_tongue: