Can't Transfer Music From Itunes to IPhone4s?

I believe i have ios 8. Normally when i plug my iphone 4s to my laptop, it would show itunes. I don’t see the option to sync the songs. How do i do this?

I’ve heard lots of stories about older iPhones slowing down or having other problems after updating the ios. Depending on who you believe, this is either an accidental side-effect of the updating process, or an underhanded way for Apple to encourage you to drop a few hundred bucks for a new phone.

Try it again. I had an iPhone 4 and sometimes had problems with the sync. I recently upgraded to iPhone 6 but no charge because I took advantage of Verizon’s offer for a $200 coupon for the trade-in. If you don’t have Verizon I guess you cannot do that.

Your post is unclear whether iTunes is not loading or it is loading but the iPhone isn’t in the list of devices. When I plug my iPhone 4s into my laptop, iTunes doesn’t automatically start but it does show the iPhone when I start it from the Start menu. The laptop is Windows 7. On my iMac (OS X 10.9), it does start iTunes and the phone is in the list of devices.