Fuck you iPhone update

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me. Got an update to the iPhone OS today. Was just about to leave the house to walk to the grocery store to pick up some things for dinner, and found that ALL OF MY MUSIC WAS DELETED FROM THE iPHONE.

Now I have to waste my fucking time putting all 7000+ songs back in.

Thanks a fucking lot, Apple.

You should be able to simply re-sync from your last settings - either you checked the music you want on there (in which case itunes remembers) or you just copy your whole library. Either way it’ll only take maybe a half hour.

What, did you unplug it before it had finished syncing as part of the update process?

I think ya did.

I don’t sync my music; I load it in manually. I don’t want every mp3 in there all the time.

wierdaaron, no, I didn’t disconnect it before it was done. In fact, it was like hooked up to my computer for like 7 hours after the update was done.

Well, after reading posting that last, I thought “well, maybe SenorBeef has something there” so I opened iTunes back up… and when I go to my iPhone’s Music, there’s everything listed.

The trouble is, when I hit the iPod button on the phone itself, it says “No Music”.


I have Apple Tech on phone (I’m in line now) to sort this out and ream them a new asshole for my trouble.

You should use the “only sync checked songs” option and then check everything you want on at a given time. It’s probably still easier than manual management, and you won’t get screwed when iTunes fucks up - which is constantly.

Edit: I assume you’ve tried a manual sync after the update?

Nope, I’m with Bo, I’m fucking SICK to DEATH with Apple’s updates. Networking that’s not all there, iPhone hanging, power management issues, kernel panics in Snow Leopard, Keyboard oddities that they fixed in 1.1, only to have 'em come back in 2.0, to get fixed in 2.2, and come back in 3.0.

It’s not as frustrating as the updates to the Windows stuff I’ve experienced in the past, but there’s a lot more bullshit with 10.6 and 3.1 than in 10.4, 10.5, 1.0 and 2.0

Didn’t we do this one last month?

You can never have enough bitching about iTunes. It is a pox on the universe.

Well, a guy at their tech support, Joshua, was able to help me find the music and videos.

I had to reset the damn phone, and then all the media was miraculously found again.

He said he has no idea why it screwed up, and he’d file a ticket on it to see if they could duplicate the problem to figure out why it had happened.

All-in-all, I’ve been very happy with my Apple products and the support I’ve gotten from them. But this was too close to the bullshit that I went through for years with Microsoft, and Creative Labs, and Toshiba, and Hewlitt-Packard and every other fucking thing PC-related, and so it set me right off.

Now I’ll just rant about how stupid it was to start naming their OS instead of just sticking with numbers. I mean, Leopard, then Snow Leopard, then Spotted Snow Leopard, then Cheetah, then Fire Cheetah… which came first? Is Cheetah older than Platypus, or vice versa? WTF? At least I know that OS8 came before OS9.2, ya know what I’m sayin’?

Anyway, my part in this rant is done because my problem got solved (and I got a free extra month of tech support for my troubles, too!, but don’t let that stop anyone else from bitching about bitchable stuffs.


Free extra month of tech support? That’s not possible within the Apple system. There’s simply no way to credit someone something like that.

Yeah, the 3.1 update was a bitch and a half. Lots of problems. Should have undergone more testing before being released.

Oh, and the whole “ream them a new asshole” thing. iPhone tech support pays only marginally more than flipping burgers. Training for changes comes out about the day before an update comes out, and they often are not given the time to actually do that on-line training until weeks later. So you’re chewing out someone who didn’t write the code, has no input into the process and has fuck all to do with your problem but try to help you sort it out. Good one there for being an asshole to someone who is trying to help you.

My mantra for doing phone support is;

The less pleasant you are,
the less helpful I am.

I’ll bend over backwards to help people who are nice to me on the phone and don’t blame me personally for their problems. I’ll give the absolute minimum possible to idiots who think I’m their punching bag. We’re paid to help you, not to take your shit.

Handy dandy OSX cheat sheet:

10.0 Cheetah
10.1 Puma
10.2 Jaguar (or “Jag-wire” if your name is Steve Jobs)
10.3 Panther
10.4 Tiger
10.5 Leopard
10.6 Snow Leopard
10.7 Crazy Cat Lady

You heard it here first.

Required snarky comment by someone who uses a different music player: Y’know, I’ve never had a problem like this. Could it be because you bought a POS from Apple? :smiley:

No, the device works fine. All problems relating to it come from the iTunes software, which is utter garbage.

I think they’re trying to make iTunes do too much.

Most people don’t use iTunes to deal with iPhones, because they don’t OWN iPhones. But all that shit is still in there.

I think they’d be better off splitting the program and creating a separate iPhone management program that wasn’t integrated into something else.

Apple is a decent consumer electronics manufacturer, but it’s becoming a lousy software company.

Well…at least we finally are getting MMS tomorrow, right? Unless they screw up with that update too, but what are the odds of that happening?

You know I wish I could say that my Nokia smartphone delivers hassle-free updates but it’s not true. After my last firmware update the music equalizer seems to have stopped working. There are several reasons to prefer Nokia phones over the iPhone but hassle-free software isn’t one of the them. Which makes me wonder: which smartphone OS delivers the most reliable experience? Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android?

And we need to put in perspective. Smartphones are incredibly sophisticated devices which pack about as much as processing power as PC’s did a decade ago. And they are still a relatively new and fast-changing product. It took PC 's about 20 years to become reliable with Windows XP and OSX and I expect it will take another 5 years for smartphones to become equally reliable.

You must really hate Ubuntu.

Ha, those Ubuntu names are hilarious and actually they are all in alphabetical order so you can easily tell what comes first.