Can't We All Just Get Along?

I was trying to find the right thread to post this in, but I can’t go through all the backslapping or gnashing/wailing threads on this board to find an appropriate one, so I’m starting (yet) another:

CNN Daybreak transcript About 2/3rds of the way down.

I guess I’m that liberal NYer, although I tend to favor more conservative fiscal policies (not including a tax cut without a solid plan to reduce spending - that’s not conservative). And I worry about the Jerry’s from Maryland. My background is mixed. 100 years ago, people (mostly Democrats at the time…oh, how times have changed) used that same ideology to hold back my ancestors, who only a few decades before had finally won their freedom. 200 years ago, people used the same ideology to march across the nation, slaughtering the indigenous population. Now, homosexuals are in their view, and atheists like me are not too far behind.

Frankly, I think I (the socially liberal NYer) can get along far better with you (the moral Marylander) than vice versa. This liberal won’t look down on you for your beliefs. This liberal won’t look down on you for you ethnicity or social status. This liberal won’t look down on you for your sexual orientation. However, this liberal will look down on you if you show purposeful ignorance, or if you look down on me or anyone else for the reasons listed before.

[One last disclaimer: this ‘socially liberal’ NYer tends to split his opinions on social issues and sides with conservatives proposals often. I’m only ‘liberal’ in the mindset of the Jerry’s of Maryland]

How’s that old saying go again? The butcher can learn to like the pig, but the pig can never like the butcher?

I kind of disagree with you that liberals will be without hate or fault - at least right now. I’m fighting hard not to look down on friends of mine who voted for Bush. Until a week ago, politics was never a factor, now it’s difficult to get it out of my mind.

I don’t think this country will be united any time soon. As much as it makes my skin crawl to agree with the “Democrats need to learn” ideologue in the above quote, people have different values and principles now. I definitely don’t consider ignorant and blind hatred for those different from you a “principle,” but it’s one they’ll defend to the death. One of the many, probably. Our ways of life, our cultures, differ. I’m a Muslim-turned-athiest, so you’re not going to find me agreeing with an Evangelical born-again Christian.

The only way I can see this nation unifying is against each other.

As I have posted elsewhere, America and the world were unified behind Bush after 9/11. It didn’t take long for the rift to appear. Remember the NYC Police and Firemen, the so-called “heroes” of 9/11, booing Hillary Clinton as she walked onstage at the Concert for Peace just after the tragedy? Yeah, that was unifying, now wasn’t it? It all went downhill from there, as the Conservatives began denigrating the Liberals as Un-American, loose moraled, babykilling faggots. Once bitten, twice shy. I am very willing to turn the other cheek and help unify, but it is not up to us to do this. It is up to Bush to put some substance behind his hollowwords of unification.


You forgot one - we are all “traitors” too. As far as “accepting” the values of some far right ultra conservative evangelical religious group, I personally refuse. They can live that way if they want and I will leave them alone. I demand the same noninterference from them. There will be no unity so long as narrow minded retards keep trying to force their own half formed ideas on the rest of us. We didn’t start the “with us or against us” traitor Commie faggot talk, the conservative religious right did. It’s up to them to mend the fences. Until then, they can stew in whatever new mess they create.

SteveG1, for the most part, we agree. I will refrain from calling them “narrow minded retards”, at least until they start proseltyzing (and then I’d still leave off the “retards”). However, in the same way that I can accept gay marriage, I can except devoutly religious people. When the gay community switches gears and starts to insist we all need to marry same sex, then I’ll have a great problem with it, or at least the portion of the community that advocates this position. Just as I have a problem with the very vocal portion of the devout Christian community who believes that you are either a devout Christian or you are nothing, but accept those with deeply held religious beliefs at large.

Christianity can teach morals and values (and I wish the vocal hate-mongering subway preachers would actually learn them). Christianity does not equal morals and values.

In all the above paragraphs, Christianity can be substituted for Judaism or Islam, however neither has a strong national voice.