Can't we stop those dicks at BP from drilling the Gulf?

Looks like those dicks at BP want to come back. Link:

Do we have some kind of contractual agreement to allow BP drill in the Gulf of Mexico again? If we do, well then it is ignorance fought, thank you very much end of thread.

But if that isn’t the case, why should they not be banned from drilling in the Gulf ever again? In what other field of endeavor can one fuck up so badly and be welcomed back to give it another go? These are million-year-old ecosystems; unique features of the Earth that cannot be replaced by any means. BP made a mockery of the entire safety process, disrespecting the entire world and the Deity Itself in the process, to the point that they carelessly dumped 200+ million barrels of oil into an already stressed, unique marine environment. And now they are behaving as if none of that even matters.

Probation denied.

Fuck them. I say let BP die before they drill the Gulf ever, ever again. Under no circumstances should they be allowed to drill in the Gulf ever again.


And here we go again.
Obama has suggested that oil rig owners pay for government inspection. That would greatly increase the meager budget they had and increase inspections.
Can you guess the oil rig owners are against it?

But they’re sorry.

Even though it was a BP site, wasn’t the spill in large part do to a faulty blowout preventer? If that’s the case, wasn’t the fault more Transocean’s, for not maintaining the rig, and the feds, for not inspecting it properly?

I dare say that the US could easily legislate to prevent BP from operating in the Gulf, if you really wanted to. I think you should lobby for this, Try2B.

BP knew the blowout preventer was leaking fluid, but went ahead anyway.
Fuck them! :mad:

Fuck 'em like that Brit fucked your girlfriend.

Is it in US coastal waters? If so, then they could. Not that I imagine enough people would vote for that, but that’s a different issue.

When did the US buy the Gulf of Mexico? I must have missed that.

I HIGHLY recommend watching Rachel Maddow’s latest segment on this issue. It will either scare the crap out of you or piss you off royally, or both. Then start lobbying Ken Salazar to grow a damn brain on this issue.

The bottom line? The Department of the Interior knows that the technology of the supposed blow-out protectors is deeply flawed. They KNOW this. They’ve known it for a long time. But they keep issuing permits, averaging a new permit every 4 days! They think that a 17-day limit on the amount of time a deep water well is allowed to spew oil is GOOD, because, well, it’s better than 87 days.

This is what it looked like in the gulf on Day 17 of the BP spill.

I appreciate what you did here. :slight_smile:

Can not be Transcocean, they just awarded their execs huge bonuses based on their great safety record this year. The inspectors were bought off. Inspection may cost the oil people money. That can not be allowed.

It was implied, kinda like squatter’s rights.

It isn’t oil rig owners that would be charged. It is the operators. This would be the difference between BP being charged and Transocean in the Macando incident.

No, it wasn’t due to a faulty blowout preventer. The blowout preventer was one of the many last lines of defense, so almost by definition there was a problem before the blowout preventer. Also, BP specificallly indemnified Transocean and the other service companies that were a part of the operation such as Halliburton. BP was in charge and is responsible.

Coastal waters is usually a term that is synonomous with state waters. I have certainly seen it used to refer to the waters encompassing the United States’s economic zone, which is 200 miles offshore, and therefore would include state and federal waters. Nevertheless, usually the term is meant to mean state and not federal waters.

Also, the drilling permits are all certainly within federal waters since there would be no reason to apply for a permit with the BOEMRE if they were not.

You honestly believe that a permit is being issued every 4 days? That is absurd considering only six deepwater permits have been issued since April 20th. Also, I believe all permits that have been issued were on projects that were underway before the moratorium was put in place.

The Transocean executives donated their bonuses to a fund they established for the families of the 11 men that died. CITE

Considering the U.S. government sold leases on the blocks, they likely are contractually obligated to allow drilling so long as the operator meets the guidelines established by the Department of the Interior.