Can't win Great Debates then link from the Pit to try and gain support.

Anybody else think some people that want to win a Great Debate are going to the Pit when they want to get support? It’s not really that they couldn’t have said what they did in Great Debates instead of the Pit. They just seem to be looking for validation of their point and to get more people involved in the hopes of being able to run back to Great Debates and say look at my support. If you don’t see it happening that’s fine, I’m just wondering if I’m by myself on this impression.

Well, sort of. I see it as they lost the debate, now they want to win the insult war. :rolleyes:

Lose Great Debate by having opponent link from the Pit so complain about it in IMHO to try to gain sympathy.


Let me know when somebody does that.:rolleyes:

Yeh. Maybe they don’t want to even go back to the Great Debate thread after the thrashing.

No one ever wins a Great Debate. They just get tired of posting the same argument over and over again.

The Pit is the same, just with swearing involved.