Cape Cod, MA

I’m trying to plan a trip there sometime in late july…

Can you guys recommend some hotels? Beachfront, not too expensive, etc.

How’s the weather like over there? Much to do?

I’ve got to get outta here.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Weather: Not too hot, nice sea breeze, sunny most days, but over a week you’re almost guaranteed to get some rain.

What to do: Depends. The beach, boating, water sports, fishing, lounging are available all over. Whale-watches are available up in Provincetown. P-Town also has the only nightlife to speak of. There are good resturants all up and down the Cape. You can take a ferry from either Hyannis or Falmouth to Nantucket or the Vineyard.

I never stayed on the Cape (I grew up just across the Bourne Bridge) so I can’t help you there.

Wherever you go, be prepared for lots of traffic. Friday and Sunday PM are really bad on the bridges.