Capital One TV Commercial is GROSS

OMG. Has anyone else seen the Capital One tv spot where at the end the monster is shrunk down and has a pencil shoved up its ass? The creature is noticably discomforted as would I be had a huge eraser been stuffed in my backdoor. What were they thinking when they came up with this ad? I think it is disturbing and it gives me the willies and a mild nausea.

I saw that today and thought the same thing. Interesting what they can slip by the censors. That monster got a rude payback!

The first time I saw this commercial I actually yelped out “Jeezuz!” when that huge pencil went up the little monster’s butt.

And then I got my kid’s pencils with those rubber monster thingies that the got from McDonald’s and reinacted the commercial over and over again while laughing fiendishly.[sup]*[/sup]

[sup]*[/sup]I didn’t really do this.

After pounding that guy, I’d say he deserved it!

I was surprised the first time I saw it, but then what’s the big deal? Fear Factor is still on the air. The Capitol One commercial is just like a Looney Toons cartoon.

Grumble grumble… Sadly.

And on the commercial: I found it kinda disturbing but what made me wonder more was the service it is an ad for:

A monster with a pencil up its ass for a credit card.
When you think about it, most commercials when boiled down to “Idea of ad” and “product” you get some pretty weird combinations.

That commercial bugs me because of the odd way the people talk. The woman says something like “Still [deep voice]wrestling[/deep voice] with those [high pitch]bills[/high pitch] hon?” And his response is equally fucked up in changing pitch.

Yeah, okay, so I’m the only one who noticed. Eat me.

Well, the Capital One ads all have the same formula.

Something about a credit card someone says. “Oh, but you have to watch out for those high interest rates/monthly payments/whatever.” Something appears representing burden, be it monster, snowball, Vikings, or whatever.

“Oh, I have a Capital One card.” Burden disappears or gets put away.

Announcer talks about card. Burden says slogan, “What’s in your wallet?” Fade to black.

What’s the car commercial where the guys are camping in the woods, and “Duelling Banjos” starts playing?

Nothing like bringing to mind violent anal rape when trying to sell your product.

Let me just take this oppportunity to warn people not to do business with Capital One–when I was out of work they refused to put me on a payment plan (as other credit card companies did). I made a payment each month, but couldn’t meet the minimun do they turned me over to collections. I realize they have a right to their money, and I was paying them back, I simply needed the courtesy of a reasonable payment plan while I was out of work.

And, returning to the OP–the ads are disturbing and stupid. Who “wrestles” with their bills?–you either pay it or don’t, and if your interest rate is too high, you’d be on the phone with customer service, not beating up a piece of paper to get it down.

Oh God! Someone else noticed!

There’s also one for Juno, I think, that plays “Duelling Banjos”. Have the people making these commercials seen Deliverance? :eek: Those commercials make me feel strange and clammy.

As does that Capital One commercial. What’s with the anal rape theme?

I think it’s a reference to Deliverence. I’ve never seen the movie, but I’ve heard a lot about it.

V.A.R. – It’s not just for Value Added Retailers anymore.”