Capital One VentureOne credit card question

Does anyone have a newer VentureOne in their wallet that comes in VISA (as opposed to MasterCard)?

My current VentureOne, opened about 6 years ago, is a MasterCard.

To answer the future question of why does it matter?:

Its in regard to a vendor that takes VISA, but not MasterCard. I tried Capital One’s online chat, as well as their 1-800 customer service, but their scripted answers all lead to “I don’t know”.

So what’s in your wallet?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I don’t have this card, but the website for it says, “VentureOne® also comes with Visa Signature® Benefits”. It sounds like it’s a Visa card, not a Mastercard.

I did notice that info Capital One’s website. When I pointed this out to the Customer Service rep, and the fact that I have a VentureOne MC in my hand, she had no answer for me.

  1. I explained to her the vendor issue (takes VISA, but not MC)
  2. I asked if i could switch my current card to a VISA Signature Card, since the current reward points work for me.
  3. I explained to her that if VentureOne did not come in VISA signature, I would just have to explore other similiar reward cards in VISA signature.

She said she did not have any answers for me, but that if I were to re-apply for a VentureOne card online, the terms (Visa or MC) would be listed on the pre-approvl page.

I told her I had no problems with all this, but:

  1. Could I transfer my current reward points?
  2. If the new online application reveals its STILL a MC, will there be a hard pull on my credit report?

She also could not answer any of these questions.

The bottom line is, if I have to switch to a VISA signature card (of a different variety), than so be it. Yes, I do alot of business with this vendor to do so.

But I figured I would go to my fellow Dopers to see if anyone has a newer VISA variety in their wallet.


I don’t know this card specifically, but some CC providers switch between MC and Visa or vice versa, and don’t always force you to switch and provide the old card to existing customers.

I recommend you call back the customer service department and ask to speak to a supervisor. Changing your card from Mastercard to Visa may not be something that the first-level call center agents are able to do, but a supervisor may be. Or at least they may know what the process is.

I have a Capital One Venture Visa card. I have had this for quite a few years (+5 years I think). The card itself is of fairly recent vintage. What do you want to know?

The OP is asking about the VentureOne card which is different than the Venture card.