Capitalist bastards!

You’ve seen my resume! I know you have! I sent it to you… but has anyone called me for an interview? No.:mad:

For the love of God, I HAVE A NEW SUIT!

Someone interview me!

[sup]Should anyone in the San Diego area be reading this while looking at my resume, please be aware that this short rant is not directed towards you or your co-workers, all of whom, I’m sure, are fine and upstanding people… please feel free to call me for an interview and hire me to do some horribly easy job for unconscionable amounts of money.[/sup]

Heavy sigh

I hate looking for a new job.

You even have a new suit?!? What are the bastards THINKING? For the love of all that is holy, he has a new SUIT, people!
(My husband is in the same boat. He would also like an easy job for unconscionable amounts of money. He hasn’t bought a new suit, though.)

New suit huh? Everyone knows its the tie that makes the man. Where’s the tie? Maybe you need a new tie.

Wait, wait WAIT!

Did you forget to mention, on your resume, that you have a new suit?

Because if you did, HOW WOULD THEY EVER KNOW?!

Shoes, dude. It’s all about the shoes. Any old schmuck can go grab a decent suit. And Amp, I scoff at you – a tie? Please. That only tells you the guy is vaguely aware of what the fashion flavor of the week is. You can only truly tell how classy a guy is by what he puts on his feet.


PS, I feel your pain. Still lookin’ after two months.

Just be glad they aren’t commie bastards, else you would have to wait in line hours to get that suit, it would be really ugly, and it would fall apart in a matter of months. :slight_smile:

No, the Commie Bastards are at the DMV… where I spent the majority of the day today. Ugh! But at least I passed my written test (100% correct! Woo Hoo!), and will actually have a California license soon.

As for the suggestions:

I may get a new tie. But only if I can find an affordable and suitably (get it? See, it’ll be with a suit, so sui… ah, nevermind!) tacky one. Perhaps something with dancing teddy bears on it.

As for shoes-- I wear a size 16 shoe, so my shoe selection is somewhat limited… they’ll be lucky if I actually show up wearing shoes! But with the New Suit,[sup]TM[/sup] who’s gonna notice?


Where am I going to put “Have a new suit” on my resume? Right after “Education” or before “References”?

Oh, and featherlou, tell your hubby I said to hold off on the new suit… it hasn’t done a thing for me yet!:smack:

Trust me, Astroboy, if you wear a size 16 shoe, people are going to notice if you have a nice pair of shoes on.

Skerri, whose SO wears a size 14, and shoes that big are just too damn noticeable.

How about in the cover letter - you know in the why I would benefit your company crap. With your new suit and all, you’ll be sure to impress all the clients!

Doesn’t job hunting suck! I really hate it.

Have you called them back, asking for its status? Have you sent them a note, thanking them for reviewing it? Did you email the resume or did you present it personally? Did you wear your new suit when you dropped off the resume?

A yes answer to three or more of these questions will likely increase your odds of getting you that first interview. :wink:

[sup]erm… what do 3 "no"s and an “I e-mailed it” get me?[/sup]

16 eh? i’m a 15er, my dress shoes are 8 years old, have been resoled (which was about $100 cheaper than new dress shoes), and were the only black ones avaliable in the Quad Cities when i bought it.

Press ‘1’ to order more of our cool products. Press ‘2’ to be placed on our ‘Preferred Telemarketing’ list. Press ‘3’ if you have a billing problem . . . **

Dear Human Resources Flack, Even though you didn’t respond to my earlier e-mail, thank you for the careful consideration I know you gave my resume before flushing it . . . **

Sir, I’m sorry, due to security regulations you’re not allowed past this point without an employee identification card. Sir, I’m sorry, but a disguise isn’t going to help . . .


Or cause you to get profiled as an Al Qaeda suspect! :smiley:

good luck Astroboy! The new suit must count for something!

where’s Astrogirl?

Wait… hang on. I must have missed a frickin’ memo.

San Diego, CA, US of A?

What happened to South Korea, and yeah, where’s Astrogirl? :slight_smile:

Damn, and I was so eagerly awaiting the story of your new slut:smiley: :confused: :smack:

The standard treatment of job seekers. It has served me well and I barely wear socks to interviews.

Don’t let 'em fool you. The secret is to send resumes to everything you’re even remotely interested in. Then the interviews start coming in.

At least it’ll keep your interview skills sharp and your morale high.

What do you do, anyway?

Anything someone will pay me to do! Actually, though, I’m looking to find a job in publishing here… and failing that, just anything that will pay the bills while I do some schooling at night for a few months. We have enough cash in the bank right now that work isn’t absolutely necessary quite yet, but I hate to see the account balance drop knowing that nothing is coming IN at the moment!:wink:

Oh, and for Coldie and Prima (and everyone else) a brief run-down of the events of the past couple of months:

My teaching contract in Korea finished as of Feb. 28 (relevant thread here), and Astrogirl and I began making preparations for Escape From Korea 2003. The Fiancee visa application was filed last summer (not early enough as it turns out), so we shipped all of my crap to the states, and waited patiently for her visa to come through.

The visa had not yet come through as of a few weeks ago, so Astrogirl is still in Korea, while I came ahead to the US to begin reconnecting to life here. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been living on my best friend’s couch and drinking his beer while step-by-step getting things done… IE: opening a bank account, getting a valid CA driver’s license, buying a car, getting insurance, finding an apartment, arranging for phone, internet, and electricity services, beginning my search for a job (the original topic of this thread), etc. ad nauseum.

Whew! It’s been hell!

So here I am in San Diego. I’ll be moving into a new apartment tomorrow, so I have a lot of shopping to do! I have to hit the Goodwill store hard, as Astrogirl has refused me permission to actually decorate all by myself (just recently she OK’d me to wipe my chin alone, but that’s another story…). I have to fill the basic furnishing necessities with cheap stuff that she can throw away when she gets here so she can buy matching duvet covers, coasters, doilies and what-not… Women!

The latest news on the Fiancee visa is that I had failed, somehow, to establish that I was a US citizen, and therefore entitled to actually FILE for a US Fiancee visa!:smack: Hopefully that has been straightened out now. Until then, Astrogirl is waiting in Korea…


Anyways, the stuff I shipped from Korea is supposed to be delivered here later this morning, so I have to load up the new car with boxes and haul them over to my new apartment. Then I’m off to buy a bed! And a TV! Um… and some other stuff, too. I have a list here somewhere…:slight_smile:

Don’t limit yourself to the Goodwill Store, Astroboy. Check out the “2nd chance” store at the county dump. Seriously, there are a lot of good deals there.