Capitalist Pig Dog Jackals Welfare Queens!!

(Warning! Progressive site, tighty righty proceed with shields up! Anti-cooty protocols recommended!)

Are you fucking kidding me? You assholes blow a fist sized hole in our economy, and crawl a-begging to the public trough to save your sorry butts, and then squander half a million dollars on hookers and blow? *Half a million *dollars!

I sling lefty propaganda about Wall Street pigs and jackals in an ironic tone, having a bit of fun, and then you guys prove, once again, that I am *far *too civil and kindly. Pigs have more honor, jackals more worthy.

Pick 'em up by the ankles and shake 'em till every goddam dime falls out! And then straight to The Wall! OK, maybe extreme, but six months at the Jane Fonda Re-education and Aerobics Camp, minimum!

Over here, 'luci.