The AIG taxpayer bailout well spent


That’s a big set a balls on each of those guys

This needs to happen more often.

He (Fuld) was rumored to have been given $480 million.
He says he only received $300 million over 8 years.

So that’s all right, then.

Possibly the other $180M just got blown off the desk or something. I’m sure if he looks under the coffee table he will find the rest of it.

Mental note: If I ever get to making hundreds of millions of dollars remember to keep drafty windows closed

I don’t know about the size, but I can certainly tell you what alloy they’re made of.

I do really hope that a lot of people will be facing a lot of prison time soon.

Gold is an alloy?

At least they will be smartly turned out when we load them into the tumbrels for the long, slow trip down Madison Avenue to the guillotines.

Hey Willumstad, I’m selling a bunch of your childhood memorabilia out of a Vegas casino, come try and get it back you fuckin’ pussy.

I disagree. It’s completely fucking believable. Inexcusable, but believable. And fucking stupid, too - have they no tact?

removed vcause I realized my open ended joke could be viewed as refereing to the poster, rather that the robber barrons

When mixed with Platinum it is.

Exactly. A few salutary hangings might serve as an object lesson to others of their ilk. If not, at least it would provide cheap entertainment for the unwashed mob, lest they turn on the rest of us.

Exactly what I was thinking, where’s Robespierre when you need him?

This has gone way past greed and is now all about arrogance.

If nothing else, wouldn’t you think they’d have the good sense to maybe wait a little while before junketing off to a luxury resort? You know, at least until the ink on all the lay-off notices and memos telling long-term staffers that they just lost their pensions was dry?

I’m sure they could afford gold, but these guys have balls of brass.

I normally try to not join in these sort of criticisms - the percentages are always pretty small, and there are more systemic flaws with corporate welfare to be attacked.

But Holy God the timing of this is staggering. It really is just business as usual for these people, no sense of responsibility for the screw ups they were at least partially responsible for.

Damn it all. I am paying for your kid’s private schools now when I can’t afford that for my own son. I want sack cloth and ashes. I want pentitence. I want you to at least look miserable. I don’t care if it doesn’t DO anything to help the situation, but I want you to at least recognize you screwed up and we picked up the tab.

Perhaps my youth spent railing against the evils of capitalism weren’t that misspent after all.

Okay before I manage to make myself look stupider;

I made the comment that, Silenus quoted, in response to Elucidator. Then after about 4 minutes and thirty seconds had passed I realized my phrasing might look like I wanted to ‘get a rope’ for Elucidator. Not having enough time in the edit window to correct it, I decided to just remove it and try again in a new post. But it had already been picked up in the quote, so it looks like I was trying to hide something.
I’m going to back away now;)



Fuck it. Just fuck it.