This is why the 1% should be made into catfood

This is why there is so much anger at the super rich who crashed the economy and were never held accountable:

Ex-AIG Chairman Hank Greenberg Sues US Government for $25 Billion Over Bailout

The terms of the bailout were approved by the board of directors of AIG, with Greenberg as chairman, in September of 2008. Without it, AIG would be bankrupt, and its stock would be worthless. Now, Greenberg is having buyers remorse, and is trying to hold up the Treasury for $25 billion for the aggrieved stockholders of AIG.

Well, fuck you Hank. You should be in prison, or better yet, in cans of Meow Mix.

Fuck that. My cat has standards.

Yeah, the tin should be able to say “CONTAINS NO ASS.”

So, there was this little old lady, sold homemade bagels on a street corner, dollar a piece. Respectable bagels, pretty fair. A young man went by her stand every day, on his way to rabbinical school, and he would walk by, place a dollar on the table, but not take a bagel. The little old bagel lady never said a word.

After about two years of this, one day the young rabbi walked by, same thing, left a dollar and walked on. Finally, she spoke.

“The bagels are a dollar and a quarter, now.”

Until today, this story defined chutzpah, so far as I was concerned. I will amend.

My cats would turn their noses up at his stench. At least mice are cute.

Well, I could see why this might justify turning this particular idiot into cat food, but why does this translate into the rest of the “1%”? Do you envision that this is some sort of across the board representation of 10’s of thousands of people? Seems a bit like saying ‘well, black people should all be turned into cat food because this one guy did something stupid!’…no?


If you can’t see a distinction between someone who chooses to destroy the economy for their own personal gain, and someone born with black skin, well, I don’t think any debate is possible.

What I see is someone trying to judge an entire group by the actions of a few people (or in this case, one individual). And that sounds VERY familiar to me…

(If you wanted to debate the issue you’d have put this in GD in any case)


Weird. My Bengal, Princess, only eats Fancy Feast. Something about eating the poor or some such.

Yes, and that “entire group” is composed of the ultra-rich who profited while the economy crumbled around our ears and ruined people’s lives and livelihoods. They have more in common than a random physical trait.

And they are all equally guilty of doing bone headed stuff like trying to sue the government over the bailout, so are all folks who really need to be turned into ‘cat food’, right? I mean, all the doctors and lawyers and all the other folks who make over (IIRC) $500k/year. Warren Buffet for instance (though he doesn’t make that much of course, since he relies on investments to generate funds, not a salary), right? Soros? Yeah, they should all be painted with the same broad brush, obviously…


Please provide some evidence that all top income earners in the country “[chose] to destroy the economy for their own personal gain.”

Please provide some evidence that all top income earners in the country “profited while the economy crumbled…”

I tend to agree with your point. Perhaps someone would care to make the same argument to the mainstream media, who have spent much of the past few weeks trying to pass off a few violent people as representative of the whole Occupy movement.

And I agree with you there…people trying to paint ANY group of people with the same broad brush are making the same mistake. There’s only two things I hate in this world…people who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch!!


Well that goes without saying.

You think every person in the “1%” has chosen to destroy the economy for their personal gain, and should be killed? Literally?

If so, go fuck yourself. Even if you’re kidding, go fuck yourself. I know several people who have founded successful companies and greatly improved the economy by inventing technologies that have helped make your life better, you miserable little shit. The world would be a worse place if they weren’t in it, unquestionably. Don’t confuse people who have their wealth because of hard work, dedication and the creation of actual products with these unscrupulous financiers.

I agree.

My general feeling is the Occupy Movement missed the target with the whole 1% thing. Focusing their ire on Wall Street was good, but equating 1% to Wall Street has been and is off the mark.
For example, Steve Jobs, should not be ground into cat food. He is not responsible for the economic meltdown. Quite the opposite actually (well not JUST him, but you know).
Furthermore, plenty of 1%ers are willing to pay more in taxes and “pay their fair share.”

Where is Judge Lynch when you really need him?

Well, this thread has certainly opened my eyes. I guess its true what they say, about how liberals are just as intolerant. Maybe that’s why they keep saying it.

Who knows, maybe there is some tragic medical reason why the Koch Brothers rise in the night to feed on the blood of the living, I don’t know.

And then there’s the turnaround, like Bill Gates, who may very well have made a major contribution to the eradication of malaria. Bless his heart, he really does mean well!

Seems like he found the laughing light right after he got married. Behold, the healing power of nookie! Men are wise who are worshipful. But i obsess…

Who knows, really. Maybe I would find them perfectly decent people, if I knew any. Nah.

And maybe they would let you weed their organic gardens…
Naw. :p. On the other hand, they might let you, um, feed the cat.