Capitalization of usernames?

I’ve just noticed a peculiarity of the message board, and I’ve no idea of how serious it might be, or what the possible ramifications might be. Over in the Comments on Cecil’s Columns forum, there’s three threads with the user sineater listed as the last post. The first two show the name as “sineater”, all lowercase, which is also how the name appears in the threads themselves and the profile, in all cases. The third instance on the forum page, however, shows the name capitalized, as “Sineater”. I suspect that this reflects variations in how he typed the name when logging in, and I have no reason to suspect sineater himself, as he probably did it accidentally, but I’m a little worried… Does this possibly indicate some sort of new security hole for clones to sneak through, or other such mischief?

Well, Chronos, I just logged out and signed back in with my name capitalized. Did it change on the post? Let’s see.

Nope, still just the way I registered it originally. Did you go back and see if all the profile info was the same for the two different-style names? It could be two separate people…

I just went and checked and it does seem to be the same person. Hmmm…I did notice that at least when I went over there, the only thread that showed a capitalized “sineater” as the last poster was the one that “sineater” started. Maybe that makes a difference? Incidentally, the name is capitalized in the “Thread Started By” column also.

They all seem to have the same poster id number, so I’m pretty sure it’s cool. Someone who registered ages ago and is just posting again. Some sort of uBB/ vB weirdness I expect.


Send an e-mail to Tuba or Arnold if you’re really worried.

Beth, if your computer is “cookied”, it wouldn’t matter how you typed in your name.

I noticed this too. I didn’t think anything of it though. I wouldn’t worry too much. Or do what DDG said and email TubaDiva.

evilbeth said that she logged out first, and that’s supposed to remove the relevant cookies. I’m not really very worried about it, just slightly puzzled, really. I’m pretty sure that this does not represent a problem, I just wanted to make certain. What with the single-digit post count, I failed to notice the registration date, and you’re right, that probably does explain it.

I’ve noticed this, where sometimes a poster’s name in the “Thread Started By” column on the forum page is capitalized, but is not on the individual’s posts within the thread. I don’t remember having seen it the other way around, but it’s possible.

I have cookies disabled and am testing logging in w/a capital.

Well, that’s not the souurce of the curious event.

The main reason why a poster’s name on the “Thread Started By” list can be different from what’s on the posts inside the thread is because the poster asked a mod for a name change, usually to fix a misspelling, sometimes to clear up a misunderstanding (two posters named Peaches*, etc. Occasionally it’s to remove a nasty or insulting nick (anybody else remember Lynnsadumbbitch? Ha ha that sure was a funny one wasn’t it [insert complete deadpan smilie].

It changes the Member name on the posts but not the thread title. Dunno why.

I bet sineater was originally named Sineater when he/she started the thread but had their name changed by a mod. I know my old threads as lswote still show up that way on the forum pages but show up as Wanderer within the threads. I am with DDG on this one.

Actually, we did have someone fiddling with it a bit . . . “DippyMonger” signed some of his posts “dippymonger.”

Apparently it IS a little oddity in vB; you can change case on the name when you make a post . . . might not be able to now that we’ve had an update.

But changing the case on it is all you can do, so it’s not so much of a security thing . . . just a weirdness.

your humble TubaDiva

It still works,

I’ve just seen on MPSIMS the names **bEaR_nEnNo ** and **BeAr_NeNnO ** in the thread list for the same poster.

I seem to recall doing that myself once, by mistake, by just forgetting and having capslock on. It came out fANNY mAY

It looks like you can change the capitalization when you start a thread.

It doesn’t seem to work for reply to topic; only when you start a new thread. I capitalized the X in DrMatriX when I started this thread.

And I thought I was going crazy.

Whew < wiping brow >

But we love you for it!

You’ll notice that
usernames in the threadlist are independent of names in the posts
This shows up most when a person has changed their name, or when searching.

I think the search thing is affected by date of name change, before or after the vB conversion.
Some names, when searched for, give the original username, not the new one.
But for other people, like billehunt and Bill H, the names seem to be dis-connected in the search.