Caprica Series Finale (spoilers inside)

Wow. That was unexpected. Spoiler space provided.

  1. How did they film that preview for a Season 2 that never will air? They filmed all of Season One before any of it aired.

  2. Good episode and cool finale. I’ll miss this show.

  3. Willy Adama is not Bill Adama? Wow!!! I mean, that’s terribly lame in some ways, but I can appreciate what they were doing. I kept expecting they were hiding the alive Willy Adama somewhere. The fact he is dead and Bill Adama was not that boy is surprising and very shocking to me.

  4. So Zoe would be put in a body and probably lead to the Cylon vs. Human war eventually? Wow.

  5. I want this show to continue. The preview was very good.

When did they film those last 4 minutes? They did not know they were canceled when they filmed the show, so I’m surprised they had that.

I’m stunned, especially about the whole Bill Adama was not in Caprica revelation.

I feel bad about not sticking with this show; I really tried to like it, but it was so maudlin and slow, and I hated every single character with the exception of Willy Adama who, you now tell me, is not Bill. I’m not surprised it was canceled.

This was mass speculation for some time. But I’m surprised that it actually came to being at the last minute…

4 Minutes doesn’t take more than 7 days to film. Especially for South Park - matter of hours - but granted. OTOH they have cockteased the producers for a long tome, surely they can’t have anticipated a possible cancellation?

See above

They could not have anticipated a cancellation because they filmed the series almost entirely before any of it aired.

Scifi(syfy) really delayed airing it for a long time.

G-d didn’t do it?

No, but an angel did appear to the alive Zoe to inspire her to create all the programs she did.

That was unnecessary in this show.

HOLY FRAK!!! :eek::eek::eek: The last 4 minutes were fucking amazing! They weren’t kidding when they said the finale was amazing. It’s perfect as a season finale or the series finale. They basically undid all the recons everyone was complaining about.

My WAG is that they since they had no idea if there would be a season 2 they made and episode that would work both ways. They had came up with a vague idea of how what the next season’s arc would be and filmed a few scenes to show that. Had Caprica been renewed they’d have written episodes around those scenes so all of that would play out.

I know there’s no chance of Caprica getting renewed, but mabye, just maybe, there’s a faint hope of a TV/DVD movie? Maybe if this BSG: Blood and Chrome is a sucess something will get greenlighted to bridge the gap between Caprica and it?

Glad I didn’t watch it.

But I am dumping on some one else’s thread. I apologize. :slight_smile:

Would someone mind spoiling in detail those last 4 minutes? Thanks.

They were a preview for “things to come”, which means a sneak peek at a season 2 that never will happen.

  1. Willy Adama, who is dead, was not Bill Adama from BSG.

  2. Joe Adama had another son and named him Bill in honor of Willy. This is our Bill and does make his age about right(something I complained about before).

  3. After the stadium incident of the finale(robots saved lives), Cylons become an everyday part of life. Due to this, it looks like “Cylon rights” are now an issue. Are they…just machines? Or are they sentient beings?

  4. Daniel and Amanda Greystone successfully get Zoe into a “body”. It is stretchy plastic skin like, but it is her.

  5. Clarice leads the metallic Centurion Cylons in some sort of monotheistic cult/religion. She preaches to them about the one to come who will set them free. It’s Zoe, who is sitting there watching.

  6. Oh, Lacy is now the “pope” like lady-leader of the monotheists. Apparently, they took over on that other planet. She says, “I think you should bow,” to Clarice when Clarice visits.

I should add that Willy Adama did die in the main part of the show, not in the preview for season 2.

He was shot and killed trying to rescue Sam and Joe Adama.

Nah, I doubt it. The ratings weren’t just bad; they were atrocious.

Just on a side note, I haven’t seen any Caprica episodes, but really enjoyed BSG.

I read in Entertainment Weekly a while back that there is another new BSG series in the works called “Blood and Chrome” or “Blood and Steel”.

It takes place between Caprica and BSG. So maybe the clips you saw will be worked into the new series?


Nope, the new one is not connected to Caprica either.

I see now that they simply filmed the sequence with their season 1 on the off-shot they were renewed. I’m glad they did; it resolved a few things.

I expect some kind of vauge references to Caprica to be in the new series (mainly things like using “Graystone” as a curse or the Tauron culture stuff). Since a teenage Ensign Adama is supposed to be a major character we might get and older Joseph, Evelyn, or Sam show up in an episode or two. If they show anything from the Cylon perspective we might see Zoe again. It would really be interesting if the new show lasts long enought to show the Final Five meeting the Cylons.

Bumping this thread because SyFy is burning off the final five episodes tonight. The series finale is airing at 10pm.

Maybe it wouldn’t be history if all the eps were as good as the final five.

I agree, but it is still a shame. The show had enough potential to go another year.

Damn! I downloaded all five eps this morning as soon as they were available from iTunes, and I just got done watching them all back-to-back. I really hate that they went and cancelled it when they did, but I don’t know that they could have had a better ending. Still, the show just kept getting better and better. I hope Blood and Chrome does well, but it doesn’t have any of the same people writing or producing it, does it?