wow, Caprica stinks!

I just watched this Friday’s episode and I am trying really hard to enjoy this show because of my love for BSG, but, wow Caprica sucks!

The problem with the show is that I feel like nothing really happens from episode to episode, so ok, the Dr Greystone and his wife feel bad about their daughter being associated with the terrorist kid, but still, where’s the sci-fi candy?!? I am not sure if I can handle this crap much longer…

I agree. I watched the two-hour premiere last spring, or whenever it was released, and thought it was slow, boring, and contrived (I hate “personality trapped in a computer” plots), but figured I would give it some time.

I missed the first episode after the pilot, but watched the second one, and thought it was dry, stale, and boring. Like you said, nothing new has happened. Everyone is still talking about the events of the pilot.

I gave it a try, but it didn’t catch me. I often give a show a chance to catch its footing, but in this case it didn’t seem worth it.

This is the latest trend in Sci-fi. They insert an enormous amount of drama, and leave out the Sci-fi. I actually think this show is better than SGU.

Much like it’s thematic predecessor, Galactica '80, Caprica was designed to be cheaper than its popular-but-expensive origin series. This was accomplished by removing most of the sci-fi candy.

There’s not going to be any sci-fi candy beyond the limited CGI they’re using now. That’s the point of the series from SyFy’s perspective.

ugh. “SyFy” still sucks as a name.

This is the show where we get to find out how things led to the events of BSG. I really hope it picks up. I enjoy watching it even if nothing much is happening. I hope it is all just suspense-building.

What are you talking about? There was a single season of Battlestar Galactica. Nothing Galactica related ever happened after that season until the new series 8 years ago. Nothing whatsoever.

It is? I thought it was nearly an entirely separate drama. I am actually annoyed Bill Adama is even in it.

I like it, so far. I’m surprised it warrants its own “it stinks” thread.

I’m rapidly losing interest. If I hadn’t already set a “series record” for this on my DVR, I might never watch another episode.

It seems to be losing focus/steam. It seems to be circling the subject matter central to the series concept (rise of the Cylons), drawing it out in what I can only assume is supposed to be a “suspenseful” manner.

Instead, it’s getting real boring, real fast.

If I get one more episode of of, “Oh, oh, I’m so sad, my daughter blew herself up,” along with “Oh, oh, I’m a sad, confused Tauron (sp?),” I’m chucking it from my schedule.

I’m reminded of Babylon 5, a show that took a couple of years to get to the main point of the arc. While they were doing so, they wisely gave us some interesting side stories to watch. Caprica would do well to copy that idea. The problem is that other than the existence of interstellar flight and computer technology a few decades more advanced than ours, there’s not a lot of hard SF to be had here. I’m sticking with it for now because it’s interesting to see a civilization comparable to ours but based on different foundations. I agree that it’s been pretty slow paced so far.

I’m enjoying the slow pace, although I do want it to pick up eventually. And I’d like to know whether Clarice’s husbands and wives know about her involvement in the STO. It seems like a stupid thing to build suspense around. And I hate the Zoe character and her “romance” with tech dude. I’m hopeful that the writers will eventually find their way with that story or just drop it all together. I also hope that they don’t drag out her being in hiding for the whole frakking season, although resolving that sooner will mean more focus on Zoe, so . . . maybe not. Maybe they should just have a computer virus wipe out Zoe and have Daniel start over with the Adama girl. She seems like she might be a better actress and a more interesting character.

I made it through the first hour of the pilot before I almost died of boredom.

Despite perennial cries of “But, that’s how B5 did it!” I think that this slow, nuanced start to Caprica is going to be its death-knell. It’s on SyFy. We’ve seen their business model: if it’s a super-cheap series it may survive a few seasons until low ratings kill it. If it’s got ratings, but isn’t super-cheap, it might survive a season, and then get killed.

Nobody gives new shows the chance to build up to good, anymore. The slow pace is losing whatever followon it took from BSG, and while this is a cheaper show than BSG, it’s no where near cheap enough in comparison to SyFy’s other filler.

Is the slow pace causing to to lose viewers? It wouldn’t surprise me, but I haven’t looked at any ratings info. BSG had pretty phenomenal ratings for cable, didn’t it? Maybe even with a steady drop off from BSG, Caprica still has enough viewers to be a hit for SyFy. Or maybe not. But I wouldn’t think the producers would do things this way without being fairly certain they were going to get a good solid run to attract the right audience.

And what perennial cries of “But, that’s how B5 did it!”? I saw one poster saying that Babylon 5 started off differently.

I really don’t see how this is so different from BSG. The majority of BSG was just politics and drama. In any one episode you were lucky to see a toaster, much less a battle. People really liked it, so that’s what SciFi is bringing in every single show they have. Hopefully Sci-fi fans will start to see that this is turning the genre into nothing more than a soap opera. Unfortunately, I think we have a long way to go.

It is possible that I have contact with persons outside of the Straight Dope.

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I like Caprica, but I mostly am watching it as The Sam Adama and Zoe Greystone Show, so probably I am not harsh or focused enough a viewer to accurately evaluate its flaws.

Are you talking about eye candy? Zoe should be hot, but what’s with her saggy eyes and smoky voice? She’s got that Lindsay Lohan haggard-at-20 thing going on, which is NOT attractive. I mean, I wouldn’t kick her out of the hammock, but I can’t fantasize about her.