Car Accident... followed by Mulitple Phone Call Inquiries?

So my girlfriend waiting to turn into my apartment complex last night and was rear-ended by a middle-aged woman who was cited for something or other (following too closely, maybe?). That was at 6:00pm. This morning, BEFORE 9am, my girlfriend has received two phone calls – one from Metro Chiropractic, asking if she was feeling okay, had any pains, etc… After getting this person off the phone, she gets a call from the National Resource for Accident Victims, asking similar questions.

Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone? How could they acquire the information that quickly? (they say things like, “we know it wasn’t your fault”, etc).

Ambulance chasing at it’s best. I would love to see what our resident lawyers have to say about this.

Does she regularly do business with Metro Chiro? :confused:

As for the next "*Your search - “National Resource for Accident Victims” - did not match any documents. * "- is that the exact name?

Is it possible it’s the other person calling trying to see if you say “No, I didn’t get hurt, I’m just fine…”

Never heard of them.

That’s what she remembers, so maybe not.

She just got a third call from a “doctor’s office”. She gave me the number (can I post it here? Probably not) and I called it (an 866 number) and a person answered, only stating her name. I asked who I had reached (again, just her name was given) and who she was affiliated with. She basically hung up on me.

So that’s three calls within two business hours of the accident (on a Monday, no less) – in fact, one of them was BEFORE 7:00am this morning, actually.

most likely the cops are passing the number on, and getting paid off in some way.

If you were hurt it should be on the accident report. A phone call from a stranger probably wouldn’t work so well in court at a later date to prove whether or not you’re injured or faking it.

This might be worth an email to a local reporter. Sounds like a practice that needs tobe exposed, if some intrepid journalist has the interest, time and resouces.