Car dealer adv

Just wondering what kind of recourse, or what can you do when buying a car from a dealer and they have their dealership sticker on the body of your car… Can you add a clause stating that it will be removed before you take ownership of the car, or are you just screwed and giving them free advertising? My current car doesnt have one, happily, but it seems the majority of cars have a dealer sticker slapped on it somewhere, and it pisses me off… Anyone have experiences with this? :cool:

Just ask them to remove it. Dealers usually oblige.

You are under no legal obligation to keep the sticker in any case. If the dealer refuses (out of a desire to piss off customers for no reason), remove it yourself.

Didnt know it would be that easy. heh… thanks.

As an aside, many of those are stuck on using the same type of double stick foam tape as moldings. Heat it gently with a heat gun to soften the glue, and just pull/pry it right off.