Car Dopers - Can you ID the Car in this Old Photograph?

There is part of the model or make name on the right, but I keep striking out.

Bonus gratitude from me if you can tell me the model year.

Looks like a 1957 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon, although there are other versions of the side decoration, so it may be a specific trim level.

Here’s a closeup of the model badge from a 1951 Country Squire that seems to match.

And one from the same era -

That was really quick, thank you!

There are upside-down numerals in the photo which indicate the photo could be from October 1956. I suppose that could mean it’s possible it was a 1957 model, if they produced them in advance of the calendar year back then…

I think the numbers are right-side up. Possibly having to do with parking.

Getty Images says it was an accident on May 9,1959.

Wow. Thank you very much!

The Squire trim was faux wood panels so this car was a 1957 Country Sedan.

The plot thickens… :slight_smile:

I never would have figured that out - what a bizarre name for a wagon.

jags is correct. It’s a Country Sedan.

Thank you very much, everyone who dug into this and found the answers, including the date of the event. I’ve amassed a very large number of archival photos like this which I’ve been scanning, and many of them have little to no description of the subject, nor a date.

OTOH, I instantly recognized the woman as Christine Jorgensen, which the file name confirmed.

You people scare me sometimes in the most pleasant ways…

ah yes, back then they called it Sedan, but it is what we now call Station wagon (and some call estate).

Yeah we had an advert here a while back teaching us about how a Squire got its nickname Woodie… the first were real wood but most built were fake wood , examples now may now be reverted to actual wood due to difficulty maintaining faux wood .

Little known fact.

1957 is one of the few years Ford outsold Chevrolet.

Ah, the difficulties we faced prior to Viagra.

I’m also amused that Christine Jorgensen still had a woody in the late 1950s. Wasn’t that the whole point of the procedure?

Without reading the other responses, it’s a '57 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon, possibly a '58. I owned a '57 Fairlane 500 Hardtop while commuting to college.

Only the old folks got that one. I did.

Well, the conclusion that it must be a Country Sedan and not a Country Squire was based on the fact that the Squire had wood, and the car in the photo does not.
So she didn’t have a woody.

(Yes, I get your pun. It still works even with my correction.)
(Please excuse this brief interlude of juvenile wordplay.)