The Ugliest/Funniest Looking Cars You Have Ever Seen!

Old timers may nominate the art-deco styled Kaiser Frazier as the ugliest car.
Then there’s the “CUBE,” with its funny asymmetrical rear view.
And the modern VW which looks from the rear as though it’s going backwards.
And the bite-size Smart car, which is always good for a laugh. :smiley:
Any other candidates for the funniest/ugliest car?

most of the little cube minivans in Japan. e.g. the Toyota Alphard, Vellfire,

actually, pretty much any current Toyota or Lexus; their designers seem to be confusing “weird” with “exciting.”

PT Cruiser. Its ugliness just makes me angry.

I was never a fan of the Ford Taurus. The 3rd generation was particularly hideous. It went away briefly in 2007, then was brought back as “Generic Sedan #6.”

For me, the Fiat Multipla is the winner by far

There have been various candidates through the years.
My personal (non) favorite is the AMC Matador
I think AMC came up with a lot of hideous cars. No wonder they didn’t survive

Pontiac Aztek. I actually took a close look at them a couple of car buys ago, but I can’t recall ever seeing one on the road. Just as well, they are hideous.

Pontiac Aztek

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Volkswagen Thing

Isetta 600; a friend’s family had one of these back in the 60s. Not only ugly, but a death trap.

The moment I saw the thread title I thought of the Cube.

We were playing “Good news / bad news” last year. I said “Good news! You’ve won a new car!”

Our youngest, 9, said, “Bad news. It’s a Cube.”

The Aztek would have been my choice until the Cube came along, but the Cube is worse. The Aztek just looks like an ugly car. The Cube isn’t even symmetrical. I’d have to assume you’re worse off with an Aztek though, because apparently all of them have broken down; I haven’t seen one in years.

I’ve got to go with the Cube. I cringe every time I see one.

To paraphrase Ralph Nader, it’s “ugly at any speed”.

People (now) think the Gremlin was hideous, yet they actually sold pretty darn well for a while. I think they sold about 700,000 in total. The Pacer was goofy, but it was kneecapped by the sudden cancellation of the GM rotary engine program, so they had to shoehorn the old 232 straight six into it.

AMC died because they were too small and too resource constrained to survive. They were exceptionally vulnerable during the energy crises of the '70s as they had no small car platform, and no money to develop one. The best they could do was buy Iron Duke 4-cylinder engines from GM and put them in cars which were really too heavy for such an engine. Before Renault came in and took a controlling interest, AMC’s lineup was basically Jeep and a bunch of derivatives of the old Hornet. Their only unique and notable car at the end was the Eagle, which was basically the Subaru Outback before Subaru got AWD religion.

I had a 1958 Edsel Pacer for a while. I made mine even worse looking by turning it partly into a street rod looking thing with a gold pearl and bronze metalflake paint job, black buckskin and tan shag interior and racing stripes. At the time I thought it looked great but looking back — what the Hell was I thinking?

Pontiac was cited by the federal government, for several violations of the anti-bad taste statutes over that car.

AMC appeared to corner the market on ugly for a while. I submit, for your consideration, the AMC Pacer.

I’ve always been a big believer in the Asstek as the ugliest car ever made. You have now converted me to believing in the Multipla. That is one fugly windshield.

Nissan Juke is a good candidate. Looks like it got in a fight and lost. Shame though, the specs are pretty decent.


The Fiat Multipla looks as though it was designed on LSD. Why executives at Fiat decided to sell it is anyone’s guess.

C’mon, people, Cubes are cute!

I have a book that refers to the Matador coupe as “the blighted offspring of a manta ray and a bullfrog.”

What’s up with all the frowning or grinning fish mouth grills lately? Lexus ones are particularly bizarre.