Car dopers [clunking sound when accelerating in car with CV axles]

I seem to recall that when the u-joints are going bad on your drive line you get a “clunk” when you step on the gas from an idle.

When dealing with a car with CV axles and you get a clunk under the same conditions, is it probably bad CV axles? They’re not popping when I corner, just this one symptom.

I’m not a car guy, but I found this:

It is possible to get a clunk on take-off from a worn CV joint, but it’s unlikely to have that symptom and not also have noticeable clicking from the joint when accelerating in a tight turn, such as in a parking maneuver. Other (probably more likely) possible causes for your clunk would be loose/worn suspension or brake components.

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I’ve always gotten the click from worn CV shafts/joints.

I got the clunk-on-takeoff once from a broken wheel bearing, but it came with a tinkly sound at low cruising speeds- sort of like my tire was full of pennies.

“…when you step on the gas from an idle”…
Are you referring to revving the engine, or actual acceleration?
CV joint issues are usually identified by a clicking sound during turns. Since it is not happening on turns, I would look at your motor mounts or struts first.
A drive axle is easy enough to replace, as long as you do the whole assembly and have a tie-rod-end puller, if that seems to be the issue.
Are you having any pulling to the right or left on acceleration/deceleration?

I thought I was losing a CV joint in my 2003 Subaru Forester when I got a clunk every time I accelerated or decelerated. Took it in expecting the worst. When I went to pick it up they told me it was a rock that had found its way into a crossmember and was shifting back and forth!
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Both, although it’s usually worse at low speeds and when starting out turning at the same time. This is a rear-wheel drive vehicle with the engine in the rear=basically a front wheel drive setup without steering, eh?

I don’t want it to be motor mounts so that’s not it. I’ll check out the struts. You wouldn’t happen to have a strut I could check out would you? For comparison purposes, I mean.

These will be just simple CV axles–drop the control arm, slide the shaft out, slide the shaft in, control arm back on, drive off into the sunset.


I’m hoping it’s just a rock like Sky King But it’s reall probably something obnoxious like the wheel bearing.

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Depending on where you live CV joint axles can be a royal bitch, and require special tools to remove. In areas with snow, and they use salt, the splines on the outer end of the axle can get welded into the hub. Oft times a press tool (and much swearing) is required to remove the axle.

Rear engined, rear wheel drive with CV joints? post '67 air cooled VW?

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87 Toyota MR2.

I was joking. I’ve done CVs before.

First one (on a Camry) took me 5 hours. I wish I was kidding. The second one took about 1 hour. I seem to recall a hammer.

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