Car experts: annotate this engine component video for me

This is a Ford-produced video showing the components that go into a Duratec 1.8 litre car engine.

I don’t know that much about cars, so this is my idiot’s attempt at annotating what I’m seeing. Can the mechanically minded Dopers help me out?

0:10 Engine block
0:22 Crankshaft
0:27 Pistons
0:28 Cylinder heads
0:44 Flywheel
0:48 Valve block
0:56 Valves
1:06 Camshafts
1:18 ??
1:25 Timing chain
1:37 Top of engine
1:40 ?? (significance of black ring?)
1:45 Sump
1:55 Drain plug?
2:01 ??
2:05 ??
2:08 ??
2:14 ??
2:21 Air intake manifold
2:25 Dipstick
2:31 Fuel injectors (green)
2:33 ?? (distributor?)
2:34 Spark plugs (4, white)
2:42 ??
2:54 ??
3:06 ??
3:10 Belt of some kind?
3:15 Exhaust manifold
3:24 Engine cover

Please feel free to add timestamps for anything else I’ve missed.

0.30 Wrist Pins

2:01 appears to be the oil filter.
2:42 I think is the starter
3:06 Does this engine have a supercharger? It looks like one.

1:18 That low on the block, it has to be the oil pump, driven off of the crankcase by the chain shown at 1:24

1:40 Oil filler cap on top; on the bottom are the valve cover gaskets

2:01 Oil filter adapter (I think that the filter is the white part under the black adapter.)

2:05 Starter (Wow, the throwout solenoid is almost as large in diameter as the motor.)

2:08 Breather baffle (to keep oil out of the PCV system)

2:14 Judging by location and outlets, I think that this is a heater bypass. It may also be the thermostat housing (though it doesn’t look like any thermostat housing that I have seen.

2:33 ?? (distributor?) Close. Coil packs–there is no distributor. The engine control unit times the spark for the outer and inner pairs of cylinders.

2:42 Water pump (The vanes that propel the coolant are shown in the 360 degree spin.)

2:54 I think that this is the air conditioner compressor (the air pump, part of the emissions equipment) is shown at 2:57

3:06 Alternator (I doubt that it’s a supercharger as the intake manifold is on the other side and it just looks like an alternator.)

3:10 (Belt of some kind?) Yes, a serpentine belt that runs the alternator, a/c compressor, water pump and air pump.

1:18 Oil pump
2:01 Oil filter housing
2:05 Thermostat housing
2:08 Starter
2:14 PCV housing
2:33 Coil pack
2:42 Water pump
2:54 Power steering pump
3:06 Alternator
3:10 Serpentine belt

0:26 rod bearings
0:27 connecting rods
0:30 pistons
0:31 wrist pins
0:47 cylinder head
0:56 valves
0:57 valve springs
0:58 valve retainers
0:59 valve keepers
1:05 tappets
1:07 camshafts
1:11 head gasket
1:17 crankshaft gear/sprocket
1:18 oil pump
1:21 oil pump sprocket
1:25 oil pump chain
1:27 timing chain
1:29 timing chain guides
1:31 timing chain tensioner
1:32 timing cover

1:40 ?? (significance of black ring?)
What black ring?

2:10 knock sensor