Car namers - help me name my new car

Help me name my Jetta GLX please. Pictures are here and inside here. The letters on the key are HAA. I know there are some people here who are really good at this stuff, so have at it. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Pretty car. Does it seem to have a personality yet? The first thing I thought of was Baba Jett. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a VW?

you have to go with the nationality,
if it’s a German car it has to be a German name.

Jaeger or Hans or Lorelei or something similar.

(bearing in mind my family has had cars called Hannah (the Renault savannah), Ludvig (the Mercedes), Fabrizio (the Fiat) and Erich (the Audi). we did call one car Grotbags though…)

I agree with keeping it German.

How about Otto, Wolfgang or Gunther (If it’s a boy car)

Ursala, Sabina or Bettina for a girl.

Or, for the funny, Veronica Wabbit. :smiley:

Haa- Haa, (Nelson voice)

Betty Blue

Cars are usually female (like ships and countries). I like the idea of keeping with a German name. All of our cars have full names. Our green cars are Kelly Impreza Green (a green Impreza) and Erin Greene-Forester (a green Forester). How about [German woman’s name] Jetta Blau (I think that’s “blue”)?


Deep Blue :smiley:

Trogdor the Evil

License plate/tag

Meanings are from this website.

Naming cars is my specialty! (Among others.)

Here are a few ideas:

Serilda- Armed Maiden of War
Adelina- Noble
Galiana (My favorite)- Supreme One:smiley:
Zelinda- Shield of Victory

Let us know what you pick!

I’m thinking Halley or Harriet. From the outside, I first thought Harriet, but the inside looks so sporty I’m feeling Halley.

And hey, just because it’s a VW doesn’t mean it needs to be a German name. My sister and dad have VW Foxes and their names are Noel and Harvey (the cars, not my relatives). My sister’s VW was actually manufactured in Brazil, so… I don’t think nationality matters. My Pontiac Sunbird is Eve.

So I’d suggest Halley. From the pictures I’m feeling it’s a girl, but it’s hard to tell. If you feel it’s a boy car, you might go with Harold or… something. Not sure.

How about “Stu”?


Just so you know where I’m coming from, my current car is a grey 1985 Chevy Impala. Her name is Meg, from Carcharadon Megalodon, the 80 foot (presumably) extinct shark. Big, grey, powerful, prehistoric and dangerous (to get that last, watch me try to park her), not to mention prone to leaving parts (teeth) lying around randomly to be discovered later…

I like a little complication with my naming.

Bebe Neuwirth played “Lilith” on Cheers. She was pale enough that you could see her veins (the car is blue), she was small, and she was very polished on the outside and very complicated on the inside, which your shiny car with the fighter pilot cockpit design is as well.

  1. I once had a Honda named Fenry. (Fenry Honda–get it? Nyuk, nyuk.)

  2. I once had an Audi named Anna K., because the day after I bought her she stalled on the railroad tracks as a train was appproaching.

  3. I bought a truck a few years ago. Some coworkers in the lounge at work asked me what I had named it. I was feeling Pythonesque that day, so I said with a completely straight face, “Timmy Truck.” I was rewarded with brays of laughter. And needless to say, that became my truck’s real name. (BTW, He’s a Toyota pickup, and the best vehicle I’ve ever owned)

So . . . how about Carla Car?


Neon. It’s sleek and cool and blue. Electric. And with that jet fighter interior you could feel like a high-profile spy zipping around corners.

COOL!! That’s the best car name I’ve ever come up with! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the great suggestions, so far I like “Hans” best. I think it is a boy car, we just picked it up yesterday so it really doesn’t have too much of a personality yet. I am really surprised how fast it is, while driving on the freeway in 5th gear, I looked down to see the speedo climbing up towards 90! Whoa, Nelly!

I came so close to buying a New VW Beetle Convertible, while my SO was haggling the financials of the Jetta with the dealer, I wandered over and ended up taking a test drive in the Beetle. I convinced my SO to drive it too, and we almost came home with one of those instead - the dealer kept saying it wasn’t too late to switch. Arggghhh…after researching a car for two months, we almost gave into an impulse buy - but that little Beetle convertible is so cute with it’s top down.

My friend who names her cars tells me that if you’re patient and pay attention the car will tell you his/her name. I learned this when I asked why she called her car Michael. Her response: “Because that’s his name.” And then she explained that it’s just a matter of being sensitive enough to the vehicle so that it can connect with you. She says that one day you’ll just simply know it’s name.

Guess I’m an insensitive clod because I’ve had mine for 2.5 years and I still don’t know it’s name.

Henrietta Jetta, coz’ there ain’t none betta