Have you named your Car(s)?

Have you ever given a name to your car? All my cars had names, beginning with “Timex” (A Dodge k-Car) who was incredibly beat-up but never skipped a beat until she self-destructed around 130,000mi.

The next was “Rolex” an Olds Cutlass Sierra Brougham so named by my friends because of her leather seats and other luxuries.

By now we were onto a theme so the next car became “Seiko” a run-of-the-mill Dodge Stratus.

And so on. . .

Celtling thinks that naming a car is ridiculous. Cars shouldn’t have names, so she says and she doesn’t want me to refer to our current one (azul) by name anymore.

So I told her I would put it before the Hive Mind and see: Do most people name their cars?

Fair Warning: She then declared that if any of you admitted to having done such a thing she was going to FAIL you; maybe even FIRE you. (She’s four-and-a-half years old and still quite omnipotent.) :wink:

Poll to come. . .

I named my first: Dino, a 1993 Honda Accord.

Your daughter is wise beyond her years.


I’ve only had one car, but yes it has a name (Icy, because it’s ice blue). Any other cars I own in the future will also have names.

Your kid would totally fail mine; she used to name EVERYTHING.

My first and current vehicle is a Jeep TJ, named “TJ”. Which sounds pretty unimaginative - except her (yes, my car is female, because she’s an automatic - hence no “stick”) - name stands for “Totally Juicy.”

in my lifetime i’ve owned - in order from graduating college and on - a chevy monza, pontiac fiero, pontiac sunbird, pontiac firebird, chevy tracker soft top, pontiac grand am gt and today’s car, a chysler sebring 'vertible.

of all of them, even tho the firebird was an expensive, first-class ride which i muss to this day, the only cars i’ve ever named were the grand am (the green machine) and the sebring (princess).

i have no idea why. :smiley:

I’ve had tons of cars in my day, but I’ve only named two… one is the car that I’ve got now, which is a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville (and that’s my NEW car!) - well, because my first car was a 1964 Cadillac Sedan de Ville (I called it “La Bamba,” but that was just a nickname - it didn’t really have a name) and so because I wish my car were a Cadillac, I call it Bonnie de Ville.

I had a 1969 Dodge van at one time - you know, the one with the shift on the column and the engine between the seats. Someone had painted this thing a horrible shade of mustard yellow, apparently using latex house paint. I referred to it forever as “Ole Yeller!”

She knows. Believe me, she knows. :wink:

She actually named “Azul” after a character on Dora the Explorer (sort of a “Little Engine that Could” character). but she was young and foolish then, and led astray by a poor role model. . .

I picture Cruella standing beside a younger, less dynamic sister.


I give up. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get rid of those double boxes but they defeat me.

My mom started naming her cars with the last one (Zelda). We used its name all the time. When I bought my car, it was named Karma, and it’s a she (because, uh, it was like it was waiting for me - I got a basically new car at a used car price). Mom’s current car is Susy Q (I think). Neither my car nor Mom’s current car get called by name very often. I doubt I’ll name my next car, but we’ll see.

The “Tin Casket”. It’s older than dirt and has close to 200,000 miles. I’m gonna drive that thing until the death. (uh, hopefully not mine).

I had a 1957 Chevy station wagon called “Bessie”, and a 1980 Plymouth Horizon called “Lost”.

I’ve named other people’s cars. My grandmother drove The Battlewagon. Poor Battlewagon had a matte finish because Grandma washed it thoroughly with an SOS pad.

I dubbed my friend’s car The Blue Bomber which stuck like glue. She called my car BK, short for Beaver Killer because of my single unfortunate roadkill experience, fortunately the name didn’t stick.

Cars have to earn a name.

CrazyCatLady’s mother once remarked that her orange Honda Fit looked like a Circus Peanut, which it really kind of does. It has since been known as the Peanut.

My VW Cabrio was (or is, since I haven’t sold it yet) known simply as Der Wagen. My new car, a blue Mustang, is the Blu-Tang.

My first car, a yellow 1981 Plymouth Reliant (yes, I know, oxymoron) was named “Jack”, mostly because its license plate was “A LEMON” (Jack Lemmon :wink: ).

My next car was a 1987 Chrysler LeBaron. It wound up with the name “Miss America” because it was a pretty car on the outside, but brainless (lots of problems with the electrical / computer systems).

My past three cars (1991 Mazda Protege, 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser, and now 2012 Ford Mustang) have all used the same license plate (X WING 1), and so, they’ve all been “the X-Wing”, though only the Mustang really is worthy of the name. :slight_smile:

My first vehicle came with a name. It was a 73 International Scout which belonged to a neighbor who had moved from South Carolina to Central New York and heard horror stories about the snow and figured he should have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. His friends in South Carolina named it the “Urban Assault Vehicle” (Stripes was an awesome movie!) and the name stuck. We used to call it the UAV for short. It was a fun little truck! That is the only vehicle I have owned which had a name.

My family has a long tradition of naming cars. We prefer either alliterative names or punny ones. I can’t remember the names of my grandparents’ cars, but there were some good ones. My parents have had Mario Stanza, Vanessa Volvo, and Clark Sable. Right now they have Candide Camry and Aesop Sable. Our cars are Stella the Saturn and Geneva Accord.

I don’t really see this changing anytime soon. :smiley:

I voted Other: I’ve never named a car, but I think it’s a cool idea. In high school, one of my buddies drove The War Pig, f’rinstance.

The Pimp Mobile: White Cadillac Convertible - red leather interior
The Pink Truck: Red truck faded to a LIGHT RED dammit after a long life in the fun and sun)
Beluga: for the huge white SUV reminiscent of a Beluga whale)
Granny: The Lincoln that I bought off of my grandmother
The Beast: Old muscle car of mine
Rumble & Roar: Diesel Suburban used to have that you could hear coming from miles away
Tweety: Jeep with the Tweety Bird tire cover

Named my first one. 1987 Brown Pontiac Bon SE. Rupert.

Loved that car. Because of that car I love cars with large engine compartments, big ass hood space. Makes me feel safe.

I rented a Dodge Charger the other weekend. I was thinking of buying a Mini next year but I’ve falling in love with the Charger.