Do you give your vehicles names?

If so, please share.

I currently drive Henry, but in the past I have owned **Ernie **(the Journey) and Betty.

My wife does. Rowdy, Kevin, Sophie, etc.

The Car.
The Truck.

In the past it has been: The Red Car or The Blue Car, when we had 2.

No, we don’t name our vehicles. We have a tough enough time coming up with good names for our critters.

We always name our vehicles, currently we drive Seven (of nine). We’ve had Sally, Eleanor, Maureen, ReeRee (Aretha), and Lucy.

Yes. I’m currently driving Myrtle the Turtle (mossy green 2006 Ford Freestyle - she’s slow, but I’ll eventually get there).

I drove Seymour to work this morning when my company car would not start

Not usually, but at the start of our marriage, my wife brought a Mitsubishi Gallant to the relationship. A Camry, only more boring if that is possilble. So we named it Lance, because that car having the name Lance Gallant just amused the heck out of me.

My first car was a used Volkswagen Rabbit. The “t” had fallen off the end so the car was forever known as “The Rabbi”.

My blue Toyota Tercel was The Blue Streak.
My purple Saturn SC2 was The Purple Car.
My Saturn Ion Redline is The SuperCoupe.

My current car is named Brabra (there’s no such name as Brabra).

The only car I ever named was a car I drove maybe a dozen times before I sold it: an old 1980-ish diesel Mercedes W123. IIRC, it was a 240D. He was named “Chuggabooms” after the Wacky Races car.

I don’t name my machines, other than to call them; the Chevy, the Suzi*, the Falcon, etc.

But I have –somewhat inadvertently- named one of my motorcycles. For a while I had 2x BMW R100s. One was black and the other was white. To differentiate between them, I’d say that I was riding the white one or the black one. Through numerous conversations, this somehow morphed into them being called Blackie and Whitey. I eventually sold Whitey to a friend, and he and I still use those terms when we’re discussing the machines.

I’ve since bought another R100 that came already named as “The Grey Ghost”. That’s a bit of a mouthful, but the name Greyie’s** not really working either.

**How does one even spell that?

We don’t have names for the cars, although we did used to call our Chevette “The 'Vette”. I remember several people who did name their cars, I went for a ride in the Freebird once, that was a scary ride.

Nicknames but I do use them to refer to and identify the vehicle. My 58 Pacer was the Prima Donna and my 59 Villager the Gargantuan. I had a 72 Shinto (A Pinto held together by Eastern mysticism) and currently ride is mostly the almost famous Road Kow (Google image the name) and Beast (a white Subaru).

Mine was one of the toilet-end Scooter models and it got named Schooner. Next to my Harley it seemed as if it had all the room in the world. :slight_smile:

:cool: I love it!

We don’t name our cars, but my GPS is named Myrtle, as in Moaning Myrtle, because she “complains” when I don’t follow her directions exactly and immediately.

“You Goddam Son-of-a-bitch” has always sufficed for me and has a definite cathartic benefit, as well.

And May 20 is correct: my GPS sounds like Susan Sarandon and seems pissed when ignored.

I was in love with Kevin Bacon in Footloose when I got my first car, a pale green '68 Mustang. So he became Ren. Then I’ve had two Hippie Mobiles (my favorite, a dark blue '86 Waggoner, and a '96 white Nissan Pathfinder). Finally, I have an electric blue '07 Toyota Matrix and her name is Moon. She’s got great get up and go, and anytime I’d pass someone, my husband would go, “Meep meep! You’ve been mooned!”


#1: Tobiko
#2: Azulia
#3: Pepper (shared with BF)
#4: Linden - because of its color. It’s the one I currently ride, and in the picture thread.

I haven’t named my car yet.


My first car ever was a '62 Rambler American. Her name was Bertha. Next was a VW Beetle named Brunhilde, an MGB named Betsy, a Fiero named Bellini, and a mom-wagon Volvo named Brigit. I haven’t named any of my recent cars. Don’t know why, just fell out of the habit.