Car Paint Getting Weird

I have a red 1991 Ford PU. Sure it’s getting old and the paint is turning white in spots. It then also turns back to a dull red, which I can live with. Is the white the polish that I’ve put on it over the years doing something? Will the white stuff eventually dissapear? How the hell do you spell disapear?


What is the 'white polish" you speak of. If it is an abrasive polish meant for buffing but not protecting, it might wear down the paint while simultaneously offering no protection.

Traditionallly, people use wax to protect the car.

Check the bottle. If it says 'safe for clear coats" or “safe for all finishes”, you don’t have to blame it.

White = chalky oxidation, which results from the paint not being protected against UV rays, and to a lesser exten other enviro factors. UV rays = fading and white chalk.

Once this appears, you want a polish BY NAME…that is, something that refers to itself as a “polish”…or a good “cleaner/wax”. You need to buff out the oxidation and chalk with a polish, THEN follow up with WAX. The polish should strip some paint and chalk…the wax follows to protect the raw paint.

Maguires offeres a 2-3 step process, depending on the extent of oxidation.

On older paint, after polishing and waxing, you might find the luster fades after 3-5 months. You are unlikely to get the staying power of 6-12 months that new paint, clear coat and strong wax would offer.

It’s probably the clearcoat coming off. Big problem on '80s and early '90s Fords. The dull color is where the clearcoat is gone, and the white is either oxidation where there’s no clearcoat or bubbles where the clearcoat has seperated from the paint.