Car Paint Question

I have a red 2001 Volvo S40. I bought it with four miles on it. In the last two years I have been very neglectful with respect to washing it. Until recently it was garaged both at work and home, now just work. It took it in recently for a service (thing runs like a top) and they washed it. After having been cleaned, the paint seemed rather dull and spotting (like the way drinking glasses get if you don’t use Cascade TM.). It was also apparent that the portions that had been covered by the white film new cars have on them when shipping (i.e. the hood, roof, trunk) were not as bad; neither was a fender that had been repaired. Have I f*cked my paint job such that it needs to be repainted, or is it something less expensive, like wax, that I’m in need of. I think I can post pics if I have to.

I assume it was serviced by a Volvo dealer. If so they are the ones to ask.
If the ‘clear coat’ has been damaged by neglect it may require special treatment.

The spotting sounds like the dealer’s “courtesy wash” needs a water softener.

Try taking the car to a real car wash and see what it looks like. If it’s still funky, it may just need a “compounding” and buffing to take off a layer of oxidation.

Can the paint of a car be damaged even while kept in a covered garage? I thought sunlight acted as a sort of catalyst. Maybe it’s just the heat?