Car stereo question

So the entire left channel of my 4 speaker stock car stereo (2003 Nissan Sentra) has taken a dump. It happened seemingly out of nowhere, I was rocking out and then I wasn’t. The right side still works just fine, but listening to CD’s has become rather unfulfilling since I only get the right side track (Hey, just drums!).

How hard would this be to diagnose and or fix? I know next to nothing about car electronics and I don’t want to take it apart and, you know, ruin my door panel or something. Am I doomed to having to go to a proper shop to have it fixed, and how much would they usually charge for something like this?

If both your left speakers aren’t functional, it’s more than likely a problem with the head unit, or a wire that just came unplugged, rather than the speakers themselves. I’d spend a few minutes removing the stereo and see if there’s an obvious plug that ain’t plugged. If that doesn’t do it, probably time to get a new head unit.

I would guess your left channel is toast.
Probably not a loose wire since both speakers are out (unless some hack installed your speakers and ran them in series).
Typically your left front and left rear speakers will have their own speaker wire which are then crimped directly to the radios wire harness (these may be direct lines if it is a factory/dealer deck). The harness plugs directly into your deck.

I’m assuming you checked the balance control. You think I’m kidding? I can’t tall you how often I got “broken” electronics where it turned out the controls we just misadjusted. :slight_smile:

Does it pass the smell test? When output chips blow they tend to carbonize themselves. Cold solder joints are also common in the amp sections of head units. See if you can pop the cover and examine the solder joints.

Yeah, I did think of that one, even though it crapped out while I was no where near the balance control. :slight_smile:

So assuming my deck is farked, where can you get a replacement stock 03 Sentra CD player?

Try eBay. Many people upgrade their stock system and place the OEM’s headunit up for sale cheap. YMMV, be aware that there are people who sell stolen/broken ones.