Car trip deliriums (anybody else experience this?)

The last several times I’ve been on car trips long enough to fall asleep during, I’ve experienced an odd sensation when I’m just waking up and still groggy. I’m not sure if it’s a recurring dream (though I’m pretty sure I’m semi-awake, and my dreams almost never recur) or some holdover of something weird that happens to the body during sleep or a spooky premonition or what. But I get the strange and terrifying feeling that the car is careening absurdly fast towards certain doom, like the driver is swerving haphazardly and going supersonic-speed and the car’s about to hit a wall or something.

And no, it’s not when I’m driving and asleep at the wheel, haha you’re very clever though, and no, I don’t think it’s because the driver is, in fact, driving recklessly at the time, because it’s happened with different drivers in different vehicles, and upon my becoming fully awake and alert everything seems to be okay.

I’ve shared this with a few friends and nobody seems to have a clue what I’m talking about. Am I crazy (-ier than normal?) Anybody else experience this? For that matter, does anybody with an affinity for neurology or sleep stuff know what might cause this? (Maybe this should be in GQ too? Dunno.)

I think it has to to do with level 1 or 2 hypnotizism.

You just zone out on the road.

I use to listen to books on tape when I drove to work. Every time I put it in, the next thing I knew was at work and I had zero memory of the 30-45 minute drive.

I stopped listening to BOT after that.

That’s possible…but I’m talking about waking up after having actually been asleep, not just zoning out, and I’m usually in the backseat and thus don’t have the road unfolding in front of me to make me zone out…