Car used for short commutes - do I need to take a longer drive?

My commute to work is 4 miles each way, with speeds below 35 mph. In the past, I’ve heard it said that cars driven like that occasionally need to be taken out for a longer drive.

Is this true? If yes, how often and how long is long enough?

Tom and Ray have said in the past that the risk you run in driving a car like this is that water generated by the engine’s normal combustion cycle will never get completely purged from the exhaust system, so your pipes, muffler, etc., will rust out prematurely. I think long ago before electronic ignition there were other, more deleterious effects, but I think that’s what it boils down to (heh) nowadays.

I would suggest a 20-30 minute drive once a week, with a speed of 50+ mph for a few minutes of that if possible. Also change the oil at least as often as the severe service schedule for your car recommends.

Yep, turns out Tom and Ray had something to say about the effects on the oil, too.

I used to have a 2 mile commute (roadworks made walking unsafe and I often had to visit other sites without warning). I drove to see my parents (90 mile round trip) most weekends.