Car wash/detailer in the Owings Mills (Baltimore?) MD area?

Father-in-law is always a tough gift to get.

He loves his cars (one’s an Infinity; the other a Jaguar), and loves to keep them clean. Idea=a year’s worth of gift certificates to a nice car wash, the kind where they do more than just pass it through a set of mechanical brushes and spend five minutes vacuuming it out. He love the cars, but he’s not maniacal about them so I don’t need to find a place that buffs the car with virgin’s tears—just a step or three above the gas station wash-0-matic.

They live in Owings Mills, which is somewhat near Baltimore. We’re in New York, so don’t have the luxury of checking out places on our own. Google searches have turned up a few, but none that have all that impressive of a Web site (if any) to comfortably spend $400–$600 on blindly.

I know this is a long-shot, but is there anyone in the area that can recommend a place?