Car with Uber and Lyft stickers

I was out walking and I saw a car with both stickers, one on the side and one on the back window. Anyone else see this kind of setup. Is this type of thing allowed. And since people do have strong feelings about Uber or Lyft, if you called for one service and this car showed up would you use it.

It’s pretty much the default around here. Most cars I’ve seen have both.

Can’t conceive of any reason that there would be a problem with it.

I’ve also seen cars with both stickers on them. Presumably the owner drives for both services.

Most sign up for all the various ride share services (in the case of NYC this includes Juno, Lyft, Via, Uber). It gives them a much larger customer base and I believe that the pay structures are different for all of them.

I use Uber several times a week and 99% of the cars have both stickers. I have nothing against Lyft, I just like my passenger rating on Uber, plus I occasionally get free or discounted rides. And, they have some program with Visa where I can earn cash to apply towards rides. I don’t actively seek out the Visa discount, but every now and then I’ll buy something and then see I’ve got a few dollars in Uber credit.

Thanks for the information. This was the first car I had seen with either sticker. I did think that it would be something to do to increase your earning potential.

I caught a Lyft ride on Tuesday. The car had both an Uber and a Lyft sticker, and yes the driver (who was very pleasant, by the way. I gave her a high rating) drives for both. It increases their chance for getting fares. Chances are, if I had requested an Uber, I would have gotten the same driver.

I only use Lyft but nearly every driver I have chatted with about it works for both or has worked for both at one time.