Career Achievement Oscars

So Tom Hanks will finish his career with at LEAST one more Oscar. Probably more.

Who else out there right now is a lock to get a life time achievement award from the academy?

Scorsese will surely get one.

DeNiro and Pacino are probably on course.

Who else? Does anyone know the standard?

I dunno that thee’s a set-in-stone standard, but I’d like to see Gene Hackman and Michael Caine each get one, thus proving the Caine-Hackman Theory.

Well, recently, it’s been going to people who never won competitively. Poitier and Redford were exceptions in that both won for being “pioneers” in different senses. Not many pioneers working today, except on the international scene. Worthy foreign filmmakers still alive: Alain Resnais, Jean-Luc Godard (though he’d never show), Ken Loach, John Boorman, Theo Angelopoulos, Eric Rohmer, Werner Herzog, Richard Lester, and eventually, maybe Jane Campion.

With 2 already, I doubt Hanks and DeNiro will win a Lifetime Award. Why would Hanks have another one in his future? No Actor has won 3 lead Oscars ever (though Hepburn won 4 lead Actress awards)–not Tracy nor Fonda nor Cagney nor Cooper nor Stewart. Hanks won’t either. He’s done.

Look for Scorsese and Altman for Career Achievement since neither will probably ever win (though Gangs of NY may be Marty’s best shot). David Lynch, too. I can even see someone like Spike Lee winning when he’s calmer and, say, 75 or so. Jeff Bridges would be a great choice among actors. Glenn Close has 5 nods with no wins so she’s a front-runner, too.

If they’re smart, they’ll give it to Ennio Morricone and soon.

Oh, and Roger Corman deserves the Thalberg. Give it to him already!