Carl Kassel to retire

This spring. “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” won’t be the same.

Who was that guest announcer they had for so long last year, when Carl was out for several months?

Wasn’t it Bill Kurtis filling in for him a while back when he was sick? He did a fine job, but I will really miss Carl.

That was “Legendary Anchorman Bill Kurtis” to be exact.

He just found The Internet.

That’s the one. I liked him, I thought he did a good job.

I hope they don’t do what “Whatd’ya Know?” did and hire some vapid girl who doesn’t know announcing from shinola.

I still miss Carl from announcing during the Morning Edition.

No one can do deadpan as well as Mr. Kassel. I miss him already.

Well, they were working him like a dog recording all of those outgoing messages on everyone’s answering machines. :smiley:

that true for his straight delivery.

According to NPR he will continue recording voicemail greetings and will make “occasional appearances” on the show. But I guess he still lives in North Carolina and he won’t be flying to Chicago every week (huh?) to do the show. It won’t be the same without him, but I hope he enjoys his retirement.

I, too.

Well, Tom and Ray Magliozzi retired from Car Talk over a year ago and haven’t missed a beat yet…I’m sure by now they have enough samples of Carl’s voice that they can just piece together whatever dialog they need him to say, and he can stay on the air forever!

Yeah, good ol’ Carl…the reassuring voice of a grandfather.

I can’t read or hear a limerick without hearing Carl Kassel’s voice reading it in my head.

I always wondered if he actually traveled to Chicago every week to do the show. I’d get tired of that pretty quick myself.

I like Bill Curtis but a little of his “legendary anchorman” shtick goes a long way. When he was subbing for Carl when he was out last year, I was pretty sick of him by the time Carl came back. I know in the past they’ve also subbed in some other NPR newsreaders, like Corey Flintoff or Korva Coleman. But yeah there’s nobody like Carl. He’s like the Leslie Nielson of public radio.

“There was a young lady of Madras…”

Kinda makes you wonder what they’ll sub in for a joke-prize once Carl can’t record messages anymore.

Darn. It won’t be the shame without him. I really hope they don’t use Bill Curtis full time. Carl supported the show - Bill seemed to want to be the show. It got old quickly. I’d rather have some boring (if we can’t get a decent straight man), and let Peter handle all the comedy.

I’ll miss him, but I do think Bill Kurtis would do just fine.

Count me as a Bill Kurtis supporter. I think he’d settle into the role just fine if he had it full-time.