Carl Kassel's last day tomorrow

His last day on Morning Edition is 30 December.
He will still do Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, and from the article be a “roving ambassador” for the network.
I’ll be listening to NPR tomorrow morning. Something Cool is passing. :frowning:

To be honest, I find him hard to listen to. When he speaks, it sounds like he has marbles in his mouth.

I love *Wait Wait, *though.

Oh fie, Sir or Madame!


I’d miss him a lot more if I lived on the east coast. As it is, I’m hardly ever more than barely awake when he does the newscast.

I agree. He’s a billion years old, it’s time to move gracefully off the air. There’s someone with a weird name waiting in the wings for their chance on NPR.

Glad to hear he’s still going to be on Wait, Wait. I love that show!

apparently a friend of mine just recently won “Karl Kassel’s voice on his answering machine” and he needed to provide a script.

I had solicited a pretty raunchy one as a joke… my friend liked one bit though. So Karl will be ending the outgoing message with “mmmmmm juicy!”

Were I fortunate enough to win, I would beg for Paula Poundstone, or rather, her cat, who is no longer on her website, dammit.
“This is Plant’s cat. I don’t know were the hell he is, and if I could work this damn can opener, I wouldn’t care.”

Wow. When I was growing up, my Dad had NPR on every single morning and I very clearly recall listening to Karl Kassel doing the news. I remember finding his voice very soothing.

Mr. Kassel should have stopped announcing long ago. He’s almost impossible to understand at times. Drives me up a wall.

He is less annoying on Wait, Wait …, but only marginally so. I hate listening to him do the limericks.

Still, it’s the passing of someone who’s been there a long time.