Carlo Mastrangelo of The Belmonts has died

The distinctive baritone in songs like I Wonder Why with Dion as the lead singer is dead at 78.

I loved their hits that I know, but was unfamiliar with any members but Dion.

Same here, but that’s usually the fate of doo-wop singers, and the basis for “20 Feet From Stardom”, and “Standing in the Shadow of Motown”. Interesting that The Belmonts was the original group without Dion, and they brought him on as a tenor after they were already established. He had the looks and the voice, of course, and that’s who is remembered. In fairness, it’s likely that The Belmonts would have gone nowhere without him.

Yeah, over the past decade I’ve read a lot of obituaries of doo wop singers. Johnny Maestro, Lillian Leach, Lee Andrews, Earl “Speedo” Caroll… hell, in just a few years we can expect even the later revival groups like Sha Na Na to slip the surly bounds of earth.

Admittedly, I didn’t even know this guy’s name. I am an enthusiast of bassmen, but my favorites tend to be the ones who have had a chance to sing lead. But Mastrangelo’s bass in I Wonder Why is almost certainly the best recognized in recording history, even if his name wasn’t.

Did he sing on Cigars Acappella Candy?

Because that’s one of the best records I’ve got.