Who are the best altos?

(Or mezzos; I’m not certain of the difference.)

Check out this male alto or countertenor, Max Cencic. He’s so amazingly good he’s got me wondering if any female altos have a voice as spectacular as his.

Can somebody point me to women singing in the same range with that kind of power and precision? Forgive me if this is heresy, but I don’t think Marilyn Horne, for example, is quite as good as he is.

His male chest is giving him that power - like Sister Mary Ignatius, I guess I mourn the passing of the castrati. But not really - castrati sang soprano as far as I know. I’m craving perfection in the alto range. A man singing falsetto can’t be it, can he?

He’s got a fabulous voice, no question. But to me, it’s not better than the glorious Denyce Graves, here singing Delilah’s gorgeous aria. How could Samson not be lost in that voice? (And paired with Domingo… yummers!)

Or how about her Carmen? Power, legato, beauty in one amazing voice. Not bad lookin’ either, though that’s an optional extra.

Actually, my favorite mezzo soprano voice, albeit a lighter one, is Frederica von Stade. Here she sings Rossini’s "Una Voce Poco Fa. A true powerhouse. This aria’s often sung by sopranos in a higher key, but I prefer this from Flicka. She’s also a charming performer.

And let’s talk Tatiana Troyanos, here singing “O Don Fatale.” Pipes? Hells yeah.

Will I be forgiven for offering nothing but my favorite alto joke?

How many altos does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One to reach for the light socket . . .
. . . and one to say “Hmmm, isn’t that a little high for you?”

choie, Denyce Graves is amazing, thanks. I may have a new obsession.

snerk (or should I say meow?)

Know that at least one Doper appreciated that joke, bienville

My own favorite alto joke:

What’s the difference between an alto and a countertenor?

A countertenor doesn’t have hair on his back.

And btw, my favorite Carmen is Marilyn Horne.