Carmen Miranda's Ghost Was Banned From Argo!

Are there any other friends of filk music out there? I like listening to Leslie Fish, Michael Longcor and Meg Davis, and usually go the midnight filk circles at the science fiction conventions I attend. For those not in the know, btw, filk can be explained here.

I was at Balticon, and I passed by a movie screen showing Star Trekkin(by The Firm). Then I stayed and watched the anime series Dual.

Sorry, I can’t say I have had more experience than that. :frowning: But there is still time for me to learn about it, and see some at a later convention.

I’m one of the people who organizes the DC iteration of the Floating Northeast Filk Convention (which has cycled through Boston/NYC/DC areas for the last decade or so).

I’ve got a decent enough collection of stuff from the 80s and early 90s. My problem is always that so much of it is in the fantasy mold when I’d prefer more space opera stuff.

So who floats through your filk circles nowadays?

Just what is Filk?

Folk songs that have a lot of science fiction references and such.

Performed, essentially, by hippie geeks.

It’s been a while since we organized something locally; the people who usually host local house gatherings are in the middle of moves/renovations, and the next convention in the DC area is in 2007.

Thanks for the link, Scott! That was delightful.

Well, I recognized both references in the title, and have actually perpetrated the stuff in college. I also own a copy of the short story collection Carmen Miranda’s Ghost Is Haunting Space Station 3. Finally, I have committed filk with two, count 'em two science fiction writers at an SF con. One of them was Sarah Zettel, and the other was that SF writer I refer to so much around here I won’t name him. Yeah, I guess I qualify as a filk fan.

The thing is, though, I’m a purist. Our last SF con, a couple of weeks ago had way too much formal filking going on during daylight, no less! :eek: I prefer the informal kind laced with obscure puns and in jokes done. Filkers, like vampires, should not appear until after dark and should vanish with the first light of dawn.

Now, I’m off. You see, I’ve got to go host the birthday party of the SF writer (and former Doper!) I declined to name earlier.