carpet bubbles

i searched the archives for the answer to this, but couldn’t find this already posted. but knowing how good i am at searching for things on the 'net, i probably just missed it. anyway, on to my question.

my wife and i had new carpet installed in our house less than a year ago. there are already areas were the carpet is “bubbling”. there’s one area in the bedroom, about 2 inches wide, and about 2 and a half feet long where it’s doing this. it’s also happening in the computer room.

first, what causes this?

second, is there a way to fix this myself? if so, how?

thanks to the teeming millions if they can help me out.


If you don’t get an answer here go to the alt.home repair newsgroup.Lots of tradesmen on that forum.I’m betting there’s a carpetlayer or 2 that knows your problem.

The computer room carpet.

The carpet has stretched or has come off the tack strip. It needs to be pulled off the tack strip at the wall nearest the ripple and kicked in again. To do that you need a knee kicker. It’s a tool used to hook the carpet to the tack strip. You might be able to rent one but what I would do is call the company that installed the carpet.

Bathroom carpet.

Not much carpet is installed in a bath. Is it a loose lay? If it is buy some two sided tape, pull the ripple out and tape the carpet down.

One of the causes (no doubt there are many others) of carpet stretching are a combination of

  1. cheap backing
  2. moisture.

Cheaper backings loosen and expand when even slightly wetted, such as from using a rug cleaner and just high humidity in general. Definitely a factor to ask about when buying carpet.

Sounds like it was poorly installed and needs to be kicked again. I’d call and raise a little hell first. If you can’t find a kicker to rent, you can make your own by purchasing some tack board and attaching it to a 2x4. It’ll work in a pinch. But I think the key word in your question is “had”. As in, had it installed. I think raising a little hell might get a free repair.

I agree that the carpet was improperly laid. There’s no excuse for it to be coming off after only two years. My father is an installer, and his installations have lasted for 15-20 years.

Call the company who installed it for you, and tell them about the bubbling. They should be willing to come by and make a repair. I don’t know if they’ll make it free if you raise enough hell. If you got any sort of written guarantee of the job, check the terms of that guarantee. You might be covered for repairs.

I highly recommend you do not try to fix it yourself, especially using a knee kicker. An inexperienced user might injure himself, and it’s foolish to even risk it when you can just as easily call in a professional.