Carr fire near Redding, CA

This is the breaking news thread for the Carr Fire near/in Redding, CA (just south of Mt. Shasta). It’s now at over 80,000 acres burned, with 5% containment. Most of the city of Redding is threatened. Redding is a city of ~100,000 about 2 hours south of the Oregon border.

There are 5 confirmed dead, including 2 firefighters, several injuries, and many missing.

The fire is large enough to create its own weather, including fire twisters (fire tornados).

Here’s the CNN story on it.

If we have any Dopers in the area, stay safe and keep us posted when you can.

This is just horrendous. There are now 14 missing, I heard.

My son-in-law just returned from 2 weeks of fighting the Yosemite fire and he’ll probably get called out to this one.

It’s just awful.

My daughter has friends in Redding who lost their house. Fortunately, they were at least able to get out with all their animals. I gather their entire neighborhood is more or less gone, because the fire came in so quickly the firefighters gave up fighting and focused all their attention on evacuations.

It’s just awful. My friend’s mother had to evacuate the home that had been in their family for generations. At least she’s safe, but they have no idea about the home at this point.

It’s hazy here in Sacramento, but that could be from any number of fires burning.

The smoke from this fire has filled the Tahoe/Carson/Reno area for days. So bad today, I can’t see the other side of the valley.

Trivial shit for those whose lives have gone up to create this smoke, I know, but I gotta complain 'bout something.

Oxidation is a bitch!

Stupid trees! How could I hate you?

California government official site for news about the Carr Fire. From the latest information sheet on the fire, as of 7/29 at 7:30 PM Pacific: 95,368 acres burned, 17% contained, 2 firefighter fatalities. 657 residences burned.

A Google Maps link showing the fire perimeter, and other fires in CA may be found here. The link is also at the CalFire site linked above.

I think we’re up to six dead so far, with about a dozen and a half people missing. A lot of the missing may simply just have not checked in though.

It looks like my aunt lost her house. I’ll have to give my dad a call to get the news, or (shudders) check Facebook.

Dumb question: what is “Carr?”

A place? A type of fire?

Not a dumb question: "The Carr Fire was reported on the afternoon of July 23, 2018, at the intersection of Highway 299 and Carr Powerhouse Road in the Whiskeytown district of the Whiskeytown–Shasta–Trinity National Recreation Area in Shasta County, California, near French Gulch. "

As a Californian, I can only say: Oh shit, it’s all starting again this year. And it’s not even August yet.


It started in southern Oregon with a lightning storm on July 15, and the air probably won’t be breathable again in the Rogue Valley until the fall rains. Oh shit, indeed.

The smoke from all the various fires fill my area and have my eyes and nose running like Usain Bolt. Oh shit, thirded.

Sacramento is 200 miles south of the Carr fire but the smoke in the air is so thick, it lowered the temperature yesterday by about ten degrees.

A great-grandmother and her two great-grandchildren died in the fire. News stations did a heartbreaking interview with her husband yesterday, who said he was on the phone, rushing to get them out, as the fire overcame them and the line went dead.

California fires are generally named after the road nearest to the fire’s origin.

I was vacationing in the area all of last week. On the first day we saw the plume go up but were told it was a minor fire that wouldn’t get air support because it was priority number 4 in the state. As we boated around for the week we kept an eye on the sky and could actually tell when the marina burned. It was very surreal having a relaxing day while watching the sky turn red at night. We ended up taking a detour around the fire at the end of our stay but I just hear yesterday that even that detour is closed. It was scary getting out since we were at a mile visibility driving through unfamiliar mountain roads, I get why that route is closed now.