Carrie Fisher in another Star Wars

This is getting to be a big joke. When someone dies that should be it unless they died right after filming is over. This is just a bunch of crap to sell tickets.

I guess 100 years from now we can look forward to the same actors in Star Wars 123

It was footage Fisher shot before her death that was never used. They’re not recreating her in CG. I have no problem with it.

I know it’s not CGI. I guess the last movie, Solo, not selling well is probably very related to this. Does her dog get the salary ?

Yeah, because I’m sure that they’re going to sell a lot less tickets with Carrie Fisher.

By saying they’re just doing this to sell tickets, you’re essentially calling Abrams a liar, right?

Using unused footage seems entirely reasonable to me, if that footage fits into the new movie. I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with this.

yes, everyone in Hollywood always tells the truth 100% of the time!! Which PR agent wrote that statement for Abrams? Maybe a Disney person?

On the other hand I guess this is not a surprise since #7 was basically #4 with mostly different actors.

What’s wrong with selling tickets? Would you rather they make movies no one wants to see?

That’s a fair comment. You might even be right. I don’t think you are, but maybe I’m just not cynical enough.

But I don’t see any reason why moviemakers shouldn’t use footage of an actor after that actor’s death, or why there should be a time limit on using it. What is your reason for thinking so?

It’d be one thing if Fisher’s estate were objecting to this, but her daughter is fully on board. If she believes it’s something her mother would approve of, who is anyone to argue?

Let’s hope this works better than in Radioactive Man.

Hey, if this technique worked for Ed Wood in “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, I’m sure Abrams can pull it off.

Is Carrie Fisher’s chiropractor available? And how does she look with a cape pulled over her face?

Wasn’t this done with Peter Sellers and the Pink Panther franchise?

I wonder who gets the money for this?

Billie Lourd is not hurting for cash.

Disney is not hurting for cash either but they crank out new star wars movies every year now.

You know, we hashed this out a long time ago, in a thread far, far away.

TLDR, she was supposed to be in the movie all along.

So they already have the footage they need to put in the film. So what?

Well this does give me hope that maybe there is leftover Jar Jar Binks film they can use in episode 78.

Everything Hollywood does in every movie, ever, is for purposes of selling tickets. Except for the things they do for advertising product placement, tie-in merchandise, and theme parks, I suppose.

Since they’re unused scenes from TFA, I bet that they won’t try to shoehorn-in Leia’s death, but instead she’ll only show up in a couple scenes and perhaps have not that much dialogue.