"I love you." "What?" "I love you." "WHAT?" "I LOVE YOU!" "I KNOW!" (Han & Leia are back)

Carrie Fisher seems to be back for some more Princess Leia action.

Wasn’t sure if I should just put this in the “Han Solo is Back” Thread. I decided I’d start a new one.
I’ve never delved into the Expanded Universe (and I know it only becomes canon once it’s on film), but as I understand it they stayed together and started a family. So, if Han is back for the new film I supposed it makes sense that Leia would be back too.

Well that’s cool I guess. Frankly I would be fine without her in it, but she’s a capable actress. I wonder how much her voice has changed though? It seems female voices change a lot more than male voices but perhaps I’m wrong.

She’s actually reprised Leia’s voice on Robot Chicken a couple of times.

The results were…well, it’s BEEN thirty plus years, right? Plus the new movies are going to be set further in the saga’s future, anyway, right?

On the other hand June Foray’s voice is holding up pretty well. She’s played one 60 year old woman for over sixty years.

Damn, she was a hottie in her heyday!
Note that she’s 35 in that 1952 photo. She’s looking like a hot 35 year old by today’s standards. Considering that a 1952 35 year old was typically not as youthful as a 2013 35 year old, I just gotta say again: damn!

If they’re playing their real ages, a-la Indiana Jones and the whatever it was with aliens in it, then it doesn’t matter too much if they appear old in the movie. But they will have to look appropriately like a Jedi, Princess, and dashing rogue.

I notice nobody is clamouring for Lando Calrissian to return, though. Well, apart from one person, maybe.

OK, this is getting ridiculous.

How the hell can they have all these people involved with out even having a story written yet?

I was hoping for a reboot not more of the same ol’ same ol’.

The script for the first one was being worked on for some time by the writer Michael Arndt before it was announced last October, and the entire trilogy has a treatment written up. They’ve scheduled release for 2015, so they have to start shooting sometime this year if they stick to the usual 18 month post production schedule.

Sorry; This is one thing you’re NOT getting. As far as all the reports are concerned, everything canon is still canon, they’re just adding a LOT MORE of it over the next decade or so.

I feel sorry for Fisher. Ford aged so much better.

So on one hand I think this is a huge mistake, and no one wants or needs to see Grandpa and Grandma Solo. But after the cold, alienating prequels - this could have a fun getting-the-gang-back-together feel to it. I guess it hinges on what they have to do. If it’s a ham-handed cameo, blegh. If it’s “So our only hope of escape is old The Kessel Run, and there’s just one pilot crazy enough try it…” then I’m sold.

Have they confirmed Harrison Ford for this? I was under the impression that the last thing he wanted to be again was Han Solo.

If Han and Leia are together, are they a Solo duo?

Well it’s a sequel. How can they write the script if they don’t know who will be back?

Dude, you’re getting off on Rocky.

Dude, you’re getting off on Rocky.

Never tell him the odds! Besides, a deposit from the royal bank account is more than enough to convince Ford to come back. Someone else can dig up the link, but he’s said as much publicly.

I’m so confused!

But by the same token, Natasha.

Where did this idea that Harrison Ford aged well and Carrie Fisher didn’t come from? He’s a 70 year old man who looks 70. Carrie Fisher is a 57 year old woman who looks 57. They are being asked to play characters of that age, and probably neither will be hugely central to the plot, more in the background, or there to pass the baton. It’s been a long time since I was an active fan, and I think it could be mildy interesting, like throwing old Spock into the ST reboot both as a hand-off and tip of the hat to old fans.

I’ll give the sequels a try, even if the prequels made me feel like Charlie Brown with George Lucas as Lucy holding the football. They don’t have to be great, just actively entertaining enough that I don’t notice the glaring flaws until after the movie is over.

Leia: You’re – what? – you’re married to an archaeologist named Marion?

Han: No, it’s not me, it’s…

Leia: You two-timer!
Han: It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault!

Men’s looks age better than women’s.