Han Solo is back in Episode VII

And will be played by Harrison Ford. Wow, that would be something.

Grandpa Han Solo? Is his son going to be played by Shia LeBouf?

If he’s not, people will be asking “Where’s the Beef”?

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I have a lot more confidence in movies that actually have a story and script before they have a cast.

Right now that sounds like it’s based on rumors. I think I’d wait for something a little more concrete.

I really hope if true, it is just an extended cameo. While it would be great to see Mark Hamill fill the Ben Kenobi roll (the trilogies are big on repeating beats), having old Han run around would just be sad.

I’m kind of amazed. After all this time in which Harrison Ford wanted nothing to do with Star Wars.

Would be funny if he was completely senile and kept talking to “Chewie”, who turned out to be a rug.

It would be better if was put back into carbonite and just left on the wall in the background.

It’s interesting…there’s very little in the EU for the era in which the Solos would be as old as Ford and Fisher are now. A few of the most recent books are edging into that time period (the EU has just had a major shake-up with certain core characters’ children having actual adult Jedi/Sith drama, as opposed to “Young Jedi Knights” stuff), but not that far yet. I still wish they hadn’t completely thrown out the idea of at least taking story ideas from the EU. A fair amount of the actual writing is abysmal but there’s an incredibly rich soup of plots and characters to draw from there.

I can see it now: the left turn signal on the Millennium Falcon flashing throughout the entire movie.


Waves hand: “These are not the keys you’re looking for.”

If GL was still in charge, someone would tell Han “Fast enough for you, old man”. With luck, the new screenwriter will have less interest in repeating himself.

That sounds like a good line, actually.

Huh. I missed the potential for another round of “Han Solo and the Comfy Pilot’s Chair” jokes.

Would anyone notice if he was encased in carbonite again?

Having recently seen Carrie Fisher in"Wishful Drinking", I would totally love seeing her bring some of that to a Princess Leia in her mid-50’s after a mostly disappointing 30-year relationship with Han Solo. Because if ever a movie relationship said “doomed once the hormones wear off”, it was that one.

Like Harrison Ford’s liver?

Luke Skywalker got a replacement hand. Han Solo will need a replacement hip.

So will he shoot first?

At this point, only if the other guy is reaaaally slow…

Hey if they can make Jeff Bridges look like he’s 20-something in the new Tron movie, or make Brad Pitt look like he’s 19 in that Benjamin Button movie, then I’d say they can make Harrison look like he did in the original Trilogy or not that much different, IF THEY WANT TO.

If he is in the new movie(s), I assume they’ll just let him be an old tough guy.

He can do the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs to get the early bird special at Denny’s.