Star Wars Episode VII Cast Announced

Story here. Some knowns. Some Unknowns and Ming the Merciless.

Emperor Blofeld is going to be great!

Jeez, the whole original cast (almost)!

Hasn’t this been turned over to J.J. Abrams for direction? Hopefully he can do for “Star Wars” (for some reason on the few occasions I type those words together this: Star Wars - Bill Murrays Song on SNL - YouTube is what pops into my head) what he did for “Star Trek” 'cause Episodes 1 - III sure didn’t do much for me!

I wonder who/what Andy Serkis will play?

I didn’t like anything about Abrams reboot of Star Trek except the casting of the new Kirk and McCoy. and I can only gaze at them for so long.

What the sub-title?

SW-VII: Attack of the Crones.

Billy Dee Williams was robbed!

Yet once again, a movie so full of men it should go bald from excess testosterone. Does Lucas not even realize there are more than three women in the universe or is he just stupidly stubborn? Two women in a cast of 25. It’s . . . I don’t have any words, just really, really disappointing. :frowning:

It’s quite frustrating for a female science fiction fan and the parent of young female sci fi fans. Really, boys, we are here and we do watch movies. Just in case you haven’t noticed us yet.:rolleyes:

Lucas doesn’t have anything to do with this. He sold the entire franchise to Disney and retired.

Jar Jar Binks

I hope he DOESN’T do to SW what he did to ST! You’ll have the Force be not real, just con-man tricks, and Luke and Leia’s son will become emperor at age 6.


"Did the deathstar just blow up?
“No, that’s fake lens flare. Again.”

Yeah, the best part is that Lucas is 100% uninvolved. They list him as a consultant, but honestly they won’t consult him and will do whatever they like.

And Lawrence Kasdan co-wrote the movie. Nice. And, he is writing episode VIII as well.

Jar Jar’s kid or grandchild, unless Jar Jar’s species is especially long-lived.

Abrams should do fine, since he turned Star Trek into Star Wars. Grumble.

I hope it is better than Episodes I-III, erm, those… other…uhm spacey, far away place movies, cause they really did some damage to my childhood awe of Episodes IV-VI

Not exactly the best looking cast I’ve ever seen. I guess that’s okay if there is to be lots of great acting, but I don’t really expect a lot of great acting, either.

Well its science fiction. Men make up most of the audience. My wife has to be dragged into watching sci fi with me.

BTW, of said female characters, wouldnt you like if at least one female has to deal with menstrual issues? Imagine Princess Leia having to deal with cramps and bloating?

That’s not been my experience. I attend quite a few sci-fi events and have been pleasantly surprised to find the attendance to be more 60/40 m/f.

You can have my sci-fi when women redshirts die en mass.

Whole planets don’t count. :slight_smile:

And why do you think that might be?