Would you stand for a Star Wars reboot?

Ignoring Lucas and all his control issues.

Would you want it to happen? Would you just want the prequels rebooted? The entire thing? Not to happen at all, so as to not open the floodgates of continuous rebooting?

Let it go. The temptation will be to continuously ramp up the adrenaline and effects and wire-fighting and lens-flaring until it makes no sense whatsoever.

I would love to see them re-done in a hyper-stylized way, with modern technology used not to make them flashier or slicker but to actually make them closer to the original Ralph McQuarrie concept art - dark and soft, very aged and old-fashioned - to really capture how old and worn down everything is, how earthy and dirty things are, cloth, rust, decay. And then we bring a new hope into the fray.

It would be hyper “seventies sci-fi” stylized in a similar way to Beyond the Black Rainbow is, even though that was made last year.

That’s right up there with those publishers trying to add sex scenes to Sherlock Holmes novels. No fucking way.


…ahem. I mean, “I don’t think that would be a particularly good idea.”

No reboot, please. I wouldn’t be totally opposed to new movies set during the Old Republic era. And aren’t there scripts/novels for episodes VII, VIII, and IX kicking around somewhere? Or would those make bad movies?

I would like to just see the prequels redone, by someone other than George Lucas. I like the whole idea of a back story to the original trilogy, but there are so many places where the facts and character traits of the prequels don’t quite match what we had already seen or learned in the originals. The whole series is like a bunch of puzzle pieces that were jammed together instead of trying to actually make them fit. For example, Lucas got it in his head that he had to show Anakin being taken away from his mother to become a Jedi, because this was somehow vitally important to his character development. But then this made the ages of Obi-Wan and Darth in the “later” movies nonsensical. So I’d like to see a new prequel trilogy with the following:

-a semi-realistic motive for Anakin joining the dark side

-character ages that match up with the original trilogy (rather than Obi-Wan going from 30-something Ewan McGregor to “an old fossil” in less than 20 years)

-no Jar-Jar

-no Anakin as a kid

-a decent exit for Luke/Leia’s mother rather than just “losing the will to live”

-we could lose the “Jedi uniform” which somehow got conflated with the standard clothing of Tatooine. Luke and Obi-Wan dressed the way they did because it’s how people on Tatooine dressed - brown robes aren’t some kind of Jedi uniform, otherwise why is Uncle Owen wearing it too? And Luke didn’t dress that way in Return of the Jedi when he finally was considered an actual Jedi.

-The roles of R2-D2 and C-3PO would not be so intertwined with the main characters that they have to do a memory wipe just to justify how 3PO didn’t recognize everyone in A New Hope.

-No midichlorions, of course

I would be up for it if:

Old SW : New SW as Old Battlestar Galactica : New BG.

I agree with this. The intro movies for SWTOR are a good place to start.

I’ve come to think of the original Star Wars as an artifact of its time, groundbreaking then but eclipsed by everything it (mostly unintentionally) spawned. It’d be like “rebooting” Citizen Kane or Psycho. (Yes, someone did the the latter. Not too impressive, from what I hear.) Just no point to it, unless you plan on making an entirely different movie under the same name.

Another reason the original can’t be revisited very effectively: people forget that part of the magic of the first Star Wars (at least IME) was the mystery of this universe. Who were these “Jedi Knights,” and what happened to the “Old Republic?” Oooh, and the “Clone Wars!” All these things were just names, but they brought forth evocative half-formed images that spurred the imaginations of all the original fans. Now we already know what happened, and thanks to Lucas it wasn’t all that much, for the most part.

You’d never, not in 12 parsecs or less, be able to cast a Han Solo better than Harrison Ford. That right there kills any notion of an original trilogy reboot.

Not even Shia LaBeouf?

shoots lightning from fingertips

Bruce Campbell?

As much as I love Campbell, Ford was a one-of-a-kind. No one has that perfect mix of wry, sardonic charm that he had.

I forget where I read it (either here or on Cracked) that episode II should have essentially been a buddy cop movie in space. The focus should have been Obi-wan and Anakin flying around the galaxy heroically saving people by doing rad stuff involving lightsabers and droids and spaceships and telekinesis. They become bros in the process. Foreshadowing is kept to an appropriate minimum so that the audience actually likes Anakin (unlike the actual prequels, where anything he does is about 90% foreshadowing). Then, when Anakin finally is turned, it has some emotional resonance.

No reboots until you finish your ennealogy! :mad:

NO. Just…no. Unless you can return Han shooting first. And that’s it. Otherwise, quit messing with it, dammit!

Yes! I would love to see a reboot of the original trilogy. I think it’s a great and timeless story marred by often mediocre execution, in particular the acting which is generally average except in Empire Strikes Back. Obviously modern special effects could improve a lot of the scenes as well. I think someone like Joss Whedon could create a much better Star Wars film than ANH and ROTJ and significantly better than ESB also.

Actually even more than a reboot I would love to see Whedon do a Fireflyesque TV or movie series about the early adventures of Han and Lando.

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