Carrie Fisher should be spanked and sent to bed . . .

Anyone else make the hideous mistake of watching “These Old Broads” last night? Yikes, what a train wreck! The Times was being kind in calling it “coarse and witless.”

Joan Collins, Shirley MacLaine and Debbie Reynolds were all dressed, made-up and lit to look their absolute worst, and as for Liz Taylor . . . Her best friends should have told her. Hugely overweight, seemingly wearing no makeup whatsoever, but at least five wigs, and doing a “character” voice that made her sound like Fran Drescher on heroin.

And the . . . Well, I hesitate to call it a “script.” I think they accidentally handed out the preliminary notes to everyone and just filmed a cold reading. Here I’d been thinking, “Isn’t it dreadful that no movie studios would back a film starring these four accomplished actresses?” Now, I’m wondering what ABC turned down in favor of that dreck.

Everytime I close my eyes I can still see that godawful muscial finale . . . I may have to borrow some heroin from La Liz . . .

If you put her in the Princess Lea getup, I’d gladly give her a right spanking!!!

…no, I just can’t spoil Eve’s thread, even though it screams for a Monty Python intervention. Let’s just take it as read, hm?

Didn’t see the show because it really didn’t interest me. Good thing, I guess. Read an interview with her in (ahem) People and seems like she’s been on an emotional rollercoaster these last few years. She was in a mental hospital for a few months.

I wish her the best, though. With Eddie Fisher for a father, you need all the help you can get.

I did not see the movie but I would like to say that I have a huge Carrie Fisher crush. Maybe this movie was her way of getting revenge on Liz for breaking her parents up.

Sorry Eve…I’m not that strong…
“Yes! yes! You must give us all a good spanking! And then…the Oral Sex!”

Damn . . . It’s my own stupid fault, for using the words “Carrie Fisher” and “spanked” in a thread title . . .

Jeez, I’ve had the hots for Carrie Fisher since she was Jake Blues jilted girlfriend in The Blues Brothers. The bitch can’t act, but thats not a problem. I’ll volunteer to spank her and put her to bed. Hubba, hubba.


Poor Eve! Not even a reply to the OP!

I didn’t see it, but I did see a cut of Liz attempting to present at the Golden Globes. Good Lord, woman! Lay off the drugs already! She didn’t know her head from a hole in the ground.

You read reviews of a made-for-teevee movie featuring Joan Collins, Shirley MacLaine, Debbie Reynolds, and Liz Taylor, and you didn’t IMMEDIATELY run for the tall timber? I’d say it’s your own fault!

I read that Lizzie clocked fewer than ten minutes of screen-time. I hope they paid her less than the other three.

Now, to the important stuff. Would this be a bare-bottom Carrie Fisher spanking, or would it be more entertaining to put her in that outfit she was wearing in the early scenes in RETURN OF THE JEDI?

I gather from the OP that Carrie Fisher wrote the script for the TV debacle to which Eve is referring? She must have had an off day. Her two books that I’ve read (Postcards from the Edge and Surrender the Pink) were funny and witty.

Now, having addressed the OP, I can join the real purpose of the thread. I disagree with Ukulele Ike, why spank her in her “sex slave of Jabba” outfit? That’s going for the obvious. If you want to spank her, she should be in her “imperious princess with earmuff hairdo” get-up. It’s always more fun to spank the hoity-toity superior women. That’s how you get the ice queens to abandon their pretensions and melt with surrender in your arms.

Oh, well . . . I suppose I should just shut up and be happy that men are still having fantasies about a woman who’s about the same age as I am . . .

Ever noticed that Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi has almost exactly the same haircut as Princess Leia?

But, but, but…

I just saw “Cleopatra”, and Liz was looked fine.

kelsey grammar I’m not.

I’ve seen your pic on the people pages and my offer goes out to you too! (you don’t have to dress up in the princess garb either :smiley: )

does it also involve nude chocholate pudding wrestling?

If so, count me in! :slight_smile:

Don’t watch TV, so I didn’t see it.

But I did read the SF Chronicle’s review of it yesterday (John Carmen?). It was a positive review, which is strange, because as I read the review all I could think was “this sounds terrible!”